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15 Tips to Save Money on Makeup

Use black eyeshadow as a liner.

Have your black eyeshadow pull double duty as eyeliner for your top lid. A high quality eyeshadow will last all day and night, so you won’t have to fork over $40+ for a fancy eyeliner pen. 


Layer your lipstick.

You don’t necessarily have to buy new lipstick every time you want to try out a new shade. Start layering your lipsticks over one another to create new hues. You can also use this trick to use up some of those shades that you don’t like on their own!

Put your mascara in hot water.

If your mascara is starting to get a little clumpy, don’t toss it just yet! Simply place your tube of mascara in a mug of hot water for a couple minutes to make it as good as new. Just remember to replace your mascara every couple months to avoid bacteria buildup. 

Recycle old containers.

Some cosmetics companies (MAC, Kiehl’s, and Lush) will give you free makeup products in exchange for your old makeup containers. This is a win-win! You get free product and keep those containers out of landfills.

Use Johnson's Baby Shampoo to clean brushes.

Makeup brush cleaner is unreasonably expensive, and there’s really no reason to pay $50 for a bottle of it. Johnson’s Baby shampoo works just as well. It’s a gentle cleanser that only costs a couple bucks!

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Reuse brushes from expensive mascara.

When you buy an expensive mascara from Sephora, what you’re primarily paying for is the brush. The formula of the mascara itself essentially stays the same, no matter the brand. So, wash and reuse the brush with cheaper mascaras. 


Pour residual perfume into body lotion.

If your perfume only has a few drops left in the bottle, you can extend its life by adding those drops to a bottle of unscented body lotion. The scented lotion will last for months, which means you can put off buying another $100 bottle of perfume for a while longer. 

Cut open old bottles of moisturizer.

You probably don’t realize how much of your moisturizer gets wasted if you throw it away after it appears to be empty. Carefully cut open the tube and scrape out every last drop!


Mix darker foundation with moisturizer.

Good foundation is expensive, so why not make it last longer? Buy a foundation that is two or three shades darker than your skin and mix it with moisturizer. The foundation will last longer, and it will help keep your skin moisturized!

Fix broken powder and eyeshadows with rubbing alcohol.

It’s a gut-wrenching moment when you realize you’ve broken a powder/blush/eyeshadow. Fortunately, this can be easily fixed by adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol, mixing it in, and letting it set for a day or two. 

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Turn broken eyeshadow into custom nail colors.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of fixing broken eyeshadow, you can turn it into a custom shade of nail polish. Mix the broken eyeshadow with clear nail polish. Use like normal for your own unique color!


Store makeup in the fridge.

Any makeup that is oil-based (lipsticks, eyeliners, and foundations) will eventually go bad if left at room temperature for too long. You can extend the life of these products by months or even years if you keep them in the refrigerator. 

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Take advantage of free samples.

Sephora and Ulta are killing the free samples game! If you order online with either of these retailers, you can enjoy three free samples. If you like buying in-store, you can ask for samples of any product you’re considering buying and they’ll give it to you! 

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Try r/MakeupExchange

If worst comes to worst and you can’t return a beauty product you don’t like, don’t settle for sticking it in the back of your cabinet and letting it go to waste. Instead, get on r/makeupexchange on reddit and swap it for something you actually want!

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