15 Worst Celebrity Makeup Fails

Being a celeb means you can get other people to do stuff for you. They’re rich, so why not have someone do your laundry or pick up your groceries? Those little chores that we do on a daily basis aren’t “chores” at all for them. If they want to go to the grocery store, it’s like a fun little outing. For us, it’s something that has to be done that most of us don’t look forward to, at all. 

Another thing celebs get done professionally is their makeup – at least, they usually do. We’ve seen the professional makeup looks on the red carpet and at premiers for movies. Frankly, it’s stunning. Their blending is on point, the colors complement each other beautifully, and there’s not even a hair out of place…except when there is. 

Even celebs can have makeup fails just like the rest of us! Some of them are more prone to it than others, but hey, it comes with the territory of makeup. We all know it isn’t easy. We can’t help but wonder if they did the makeup themselves or if a professional actually allowed them to walk out like that. Well, whether it’s DIY or paid for, here are 15 makeup fails you have to see.  

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