15 Worst Hairstyles That Damage Your Hair

15 Worst Hairstyles That Damage Your Hair. There are a lot of slideshows that talk about what women should and shouldn’t wear. While some of them can be helpful, women should still wear whatever they want as long as it makes them happy. At the end of the day, they’re the ones that are going to look at themselves in the mirror. It doesn’t matter if they please anyone else other than themselves because being happy with yourself is numero uno.

That being said, some “don’t do this” slideshows are pretty helpful. Instead of bashing certain styles, they give you valuable information. They can teach you things you shouldn’t do because they actually are harmful toward the human body in some way or another. For example, we all know that high heels hurt our feet. By the time we’re 40, our feet are killing us, and we’re left with this constant ache caused by those six-inch heels. If someone had told you at 20 that it was a bad decision, would you have done otherwise?

Hair can be the same as fashion. You may not know this, but certain hairstyles can ruin the follicle of your hair, which then makes it harder for the hair to grow back. Granted, we know that coloring our hair is bad, but did you know that even putting your hair in a ponytail could be bad?! These are 15 hairstyles that are really bad for your hair and could cause lasting damage in the long run.

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