30 Celebrity Hairstyles We’d Like to See Make a Comeback

30 Celebrity Hairstyles We’d Like to See Make a Comeback. Celebrity hairstyles we’d like to see make a comeback. There’s a reason why we care so much about hair. To some people, hair is a reflection of their identity. It isn't uncommon for people to drastically change their hair after a major life event. Celebrities constantly switch up their hairstyles for TV shows and movie spots to land a role they want. Sometimes, that role will be the big break that they needed to tip their acting careers into the limelight.

In some cases, celebrities may adopt their iconic hairstyle and carry that signature look throughout their career. It’s interesting to note that when TV shows and movies become “cult-classics” and are loved by the general public, people will often try to emulate the star’s look. Women quickly learned how to recreate Farrah Fawcett’s iconic dreamy, wispy waves in the ‘70s. When the hit TV show “Friends” rose in popularity, women marched down to the nearest hair salon to demand their hairstylist give them “The Rachel” in the ‘90s.

Public figures can also become hair icons. Influential women like the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Princess Diana of Wales made waves in American households in politics, fashion, and beauty. Not only are they praised for their work, but they're also praised for their beauty and iconic hairstyles, which set them apart.

Hairstyles may come and go, but these classic hairdos are ones we’d love to see again.

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