20 Crazy Spa Treatments People Actually Pay For

Oh the things people will do for beauty. If you think getting your eyebrows (or other body parts) waxed is extreme, just wait until you read about these crazy spa treatments that many people actually use (and apparently enjoy).

We have to admit to being a little behind the times when it comes to the world of spa trends. In our mind, a relaxing day at the spa involves aromatherapy, a visit to the sauna, and plenty of delicious mixed drinks. But these days, you're just as likely to find customers covered in snakes and bird poop as you are a seaweed wrap! Like we said, these treatments are crazy...really crazy. 

These ridiculous spa trends really breathe new life into the old saying about a fool and his money. Now, don't get us wrong, people are free to spend their hard-earned cash however they see fit, but it just boggles the mind that some people would consider these treatments "fit" to spend money on. Some sound downright dangerous, if you ask us! And the rest, well, they just sound downright dumb. Here are 20 spa treatments you won't believe actually exist (and people actually pay for)!

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