Two girls in stilettos holding their fully stocked purses.

25 Items Every Woman Needs in Her Purse

Your purse is basically your lifeline, and it needs to be stocked with all of the essentials you need to take on the world. No matter what you have to do everyday, these are the 25 things you should absolutely, never, ever leave the house without.

  1. Lipstick
    Nothing pulls your look together like a fresh coat of lipstick.
  2. Concealer
    To hide the 3 p.m. undereye circles.
  3. Gum and/or Mints
    Say no to bad breath.
  4. Phone Charger
    Because how do you go through a day without a charged phone?
  5. Notebook
    In case you need to write anything down, like a cute guy’s phone number.
  6. Dryer Sheets
    To remove any static cling in your hair and clothes.
  7. Advil or Tylenol
    Headaches are the worst, and they always strike at the worst possible times.
  8. Feminine Products
    You know why.
  9. Midol
    Because periods suck.
  10. Hairbands
    For when you need to pull those luscious locks back and work.
  11. Safety Pins
    Just in case something rips or snaps.
  12. Bandaids
    To protect your heels from those stilettos.
  13. Cash
    Not every place accepts plastic.
  14. Chapstick
    So your lips don’t shrivel up like raisins.
  15. A Pen
    In case anyone asks for your autograph.
  16. Tissues
    You don’t want snot on your hands or lipstick on your teeth.
  17. Deodorant
    Sometimes you need a little extra protection.
  18. Floss
    To remove the salad from your teeth.
  19. Sunglasses
    To shield your eyes from the haters.
  20. Eyedrops
    So you don’t look strung out at work when you’re hungover.
  21. Hand sanitizer
    Public germs. Gross.
  22. Reusable Water Bottle
    You need to stay hydrated.
  23. Comb or brush
    For those windy days.
  24. Lotion
    Ashy skin can sneak up on you. Have an attack plan.
  25. Mini Hair Spray
    To boost that bump when it goes limp.
Last Updated: May 14, 2015