30 Fall & Winter Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older

30 Winter Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older. When the temperatures drop, the layers inevitably start piling on. It's time to say goodbye to shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops, and hello to puffy jackets, beanies, and Ugg boots! Unfortunately, with all the extra layers of sweaters, coats, and scarves, you could be making yourself look years older than you actually are — and no one wants that. 

You don’t ever have to worry about style, but if you’re the type that likes to look like a fashionista, winter can be a tough season. We all want to be warm and cozy, but that can often lead to us looking like shapeless blobs. Being a shapeless blob is comfortable, but it’s a real downer when you want to look great and comfy. 

Unfortunately, some of the stuff we often do during the winter can age us. Along with wanting to have a shape, women also want to look younger – there’s nothing wrong with that! We’ve decided to put together a list of things people do during the winter that often make us look as though our birthday candles should be a decade higher. Here are the top 30 winter fashion mistakes you definitely don’t want to make this season as per the style and fashion experts. What do you think about what they have to say? Are they completely full of it or are they actually onto something? 

Of course, with any style slideshow, we suggest that you do what makes you happy. As long as you’re comfy and happy – that’s all that matters!

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