30 Footwear Trends You Should Try This Year

Fashion is constantly changing. While it can be exhausting to keep up with, it isn’t always a bad thing. If you’re the type that loves to keep their old clothes, you may find that older styles are coming back into popularity. Other times, you may notice completely new pop up on the market, and it’s certainly fun to try a little something you’ve never seen before. Shoes are known for changing rapidly, so it can be hard to keep up.

This year, tons of styles are coming back from the 90s and older decades, but we’re seeing some stuff that’s changing the game as we know it. This is the perfect time to try reinventing your personal style. If you absolutely adore your look, we’ve got a few things you can add to your closet to complement what you already know. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little flair to any outfit.

We’ve identified 30 footwear trends that are blowing up on the runway and at your local department store. If you’re interested in a little change (or a lot) you can click next and figure out which new shoe is your thing. Who knows – maybe you’ll find your new go-to shoe?

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