30 Hair and Beauty Products that Aren’t Worth the Money

We’ve all wandered the aisles at the store and grabbed a product off the shelf that claimed to get rid of something on ourselves that we’re not jazzed about. It could be cellulite, skin tags, tattoos, and any number of things. Will it work? Maybe, maybe not. As you throw it in your cart, you may think that it’s worth it, but you’re actually wasting your money. Some products don’t really do anything to help issues that you’d rather not have with your skin or hair.

The beauty market is one of the most marketed things around. Each day, we see tons of advertisements that show off a new cream with an ingredient that’ll definitely get rid of those fine lines. It’s no surprise that companies have a huge budget on marketing, one that might even dwarf the amount they spent on research and development.

Over the years, brands have released a lot of stuff that’s just…crap. They don’t do anything, and we’re constantly falling for it. To help save you money, we’ve made a list of 30 things that aren’t worth the money. These are items that are nothing but a black hole for our money, and it’s time to start saving.

(Image via Unsplash)

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