30 Hairstyles That Will Rule 2019

2019 is the perfect time for a real change. Change whatever you can – your outfits, the color of your walls at home, and even your hair. In fact, we’re going to encourage you to change your hair up as much as you can. It can make you feel refreshed and break away from a monotonous week or month.

What makes things even easier is that 2019 is bringing us a slew of brand new, trendy hairstyles. It’s great news, but it might make your usual, regular ol’ ‘do look a little bland. It might not make the cut for the new year. Even if you’re comfortable with the cut, there’s always a little something you can do with it. Add accessories, try some curls, or some other stuff! Coming up with the ideas can be pretty tough, but that’s where we come in.

Out with the old, and in with the new! Here are the hairstyle trends you’re going to see everywhere in the new year, how to create them in your own home, and how to pull them off stylishly. Some are straight from the runway while others are refreshing updates of classic coifs. 

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