30 Most Ridiculous 80s Hairstyles

Some of the most ridiculous 80s hairstyles can't be forgotten.

Yeah, that's right; we're talking about the 1980s. We love this era, but we can admit that they were truly a special time in our history. We had great music, fantastic TV, and unique styles that no other decade could mimic. Seriously, they shouldn't even try because it would just be bad. From the loud colors to the peppy music, it was a decade of self-expression, especially through hairstyles. Nothing showed who you were as a person more than your hair. Some of the hair looked really creative and are even making a comeback, like hair accessories in braids or scrunched waves.

However, there were some styles from the 80s that we can all look back on and agree were just a little bit...out there. They were the ones that turned heads and made people look at photos and think, “How could I do that?!”

We’re talking about the styles with ridiculous volume, crazy curls, and what-were-they-thinking mullets. Seriously–what were they thinking? They may have been in style at the time, but they are downright hilarious by today's standards, even if they were worn by some of the biggest celebs at the time. We’re looking at you, Paula Abdul. We're happy to see that you moved on from your style choices.

These are the 80s hairstyles everyone wants to forget. So, grab your hairspray and get ready for some ridiculous hair faux pas! Click next to begin the slideshow.

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