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30 Spring & Summer Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Going Floral Crazy

Florals are the perfect pattern for spring, but you can have too much of a good thing. Try to limit your florals to two small accessories or one large statement piece. A floral dress can look beautiful with a few accessories.

If you’re trying to stray away from florals, try a different pattern. Tropical print is similar, but bolder. And if you want to completely reinvent your wardrobe, try a pattern like polka dots or stripes—both are simple, yet flattering.

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Super Short Shorts

Even though the weather is warmer, super short shorts are tacky year-round. In all honesty, super short shorts don’t look good on anyone of any age – even if they have legs for days. 

Biker shorts are in style right now and are actually super comfortable. Plus, they can be worn to the gym and then out to run errands. They're perfect for summer athleisure!

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Heavy Makeup

Heavy makeup takes an extremely experienced hand, and because of the warmer weather, heavy makeup has the chance of sweating off without frequent maintenance. Your perspiration may also cause it to settle into every wrinkle on your skin. 

Instead, opt for a sheer foundation or even just tinted moisturizer. (Thankfully, the dewy look is back in!) 

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Slouchy Clothing

Spring and summer are all about showing off your style, and it’s hard to do that when you’re hiding in your clothes. I know the transition from winter to spring isn't easy—you've probably gotten used to wearing oversized sweaters and leggings—but summer is all about shedding the layers!

First and foremost, buy clothing that fits so it doesn't slouch or sag. If you're really missing your oversized winter clothing, opt for blouses with nice butterfly sleeves, or breezy summer dresses. 

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No Color

Winter is gone and over with! It’s time to embrace color. For the spring and summer seasons, pick pastels. By avoiding color, you’re adding age to your outfit.

For this upcoming spring and summer, experiment with friendly and fun hues. Warm weather encourages energizing and optimistic color schemes. Bright corals and reds, faded blues, cool greens, and saffron yellows are all the rage.

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Accessories are a wonderful thing, but you can over accessorize pretty easily – especially with chunky jewelry. Spring and summer are often seen as the seasons to embrace minimalism, so try not to throw on too many bracelets, necklaces, and rings at once. 

But if you’re all about your jewels, keep it dainty. Layered necklaces, delicate rings, and thin bracelets are perfect for the warmer months. They make a statement without being overwhelming.

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Head-to-Toe Animal Print

Animal prints can be tricky to pull off. They can work as a statement piece, but they usually age the wearer. When in doubt, it’s best to avoid them altogether. 

Because they’re overdone, toss all animal prints to the back of your closet for the time being. Give your other patterns some love for the upcoming seasons. It’s likely that a little change is just what you need to feel youthful!

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Shapeless Clothing

Shapeless dresses can be cooling on a hot summer day, but they can make you look frumpy. If you love the pattern, think about throwing a belt to complete the outfit. It’ll give the dress a figure and accentuate you.

Wrap dresses, fitted midi-dresses, tailored denim, and tucked button-ups are all perfect options for staying stylish during the heat of spring and summer. They give your body shape without looking or feeling completely restricting.

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Following Body Type Rules

Who cares about body type rules? If you’re on the heavy side, wear skinny jeans. Nothing should stop you from wearing what you want to wear no matter the season!

If you haven’t figured it out, we are all about body positivity. And with spring and summer coming up, don’t even think about hiding your body in oversized clothing pieces. Feel free to show a little leg!

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Wearing Too Little

Although we just mentioned throwing body type rules out the window, we do have one tip to keep you looking youthful during spring and summer—don’t wear a bikini top and bottom unless you’re at the beach or going swimming.

While it’s considered “trendy” to wear a bikini top with denim shorts when you're in your twenties, it’s not as accepted when you’re 40 or older. That being said, feel free to rock your cute swimsuit (when appropriate).

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Choosing Ill-Fitting Clothing

A tailor is your best friend. Getting your clothing tailored will make it hug your curves and your figure in the best way. Frumpy turns into fitted, and it’ll make you look so much younger than before.

There are a few clothing pieces that we absolutely recommend you get tailored if you haven’t already. Blazer jackets, dress pants, dresses, and denim all look 10x better if they fit you perfectly.

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Overly Sensible Shoes

It’s possible to be comfortable in something and be fashionable at the same time. If you want to wear sneakers, try a clean white sneaker from a popular brand. Overly sensible shoes date you like nothing else.

Slip-on mules are also super trendy right now. They’re adorable with and without a heel. And they look adorable with denim jeans, shorts, and dresses. If you buy yourself a pair, you will absolutely get your use out of them.

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“Granny” Glasses

“Granny” glasses don’t fall off your face, and you won’t lose them, but they’re called “granny” glasses for a reason. Glasses are like any other accessory, even if it’s a medical device. Frames that are currently trending are black rectangular shapes. It goes without saying that they don’t use retainers or chains.

Frames that are currently trending are black rectangular shapes. It goes without saying that they don’t need retainers or chains—nothing will date you faster. Keep glasses in a case in your purse when you’re not wearing them.

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Avoiding Outdated Accessories

Like clothing, accessories can easily become outdated. Unfortunately, women often neglect to update their accessories. This spring and summer, look to refresh your purses, jewels, and other accessories. Your closet will thank us!

We recommend purchasing quality accessories if you’re needed to reinvent your collection. It’s better to buy a few nice pieces at a time, rather than buy a lot of inexpensive jewels that won’t last.

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Using an Old Bag

You found the perfect handbag ages ago, but it’s time to switch it up. If your bag has rips, tears, or looks worn, you can get a new one fairly easily. For the spring and summer, you can embrace color and choose one that will be a statement piece for several of your outfits.

Leather bags are super popular, no matter the season. If you normally use a black or dark colored purse, switch it up by using a tan or light colored purse instead. It will instantly make you look trendy.

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Powdering Up

Powder makeup has a habit of settling in the creases of your skin and exacerbating every dry spot on your face. For dryer skin, it’s best to use cream or liquid makeup. When setting your makeup, go light on the powder or use a liquid spray.

You can also use a setting spray to prevent powder makeup from looking dry and cakey. Or, you can use a highlighter or creamy blush to keep your skin dewy and summery.

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Avoiding the Stylist

The spring and summer allow you to lighten your hair to a shiny, new color. Even if you don’t want to change the color, you should visit your beautician for a trim. Trims should occur every six months, or your hair could look a little worn for wear.

We are all about scheduled trips to the hair salon. Lengthy locks often age you, whether you realize it or not. To prevent that, you should get your hair trimmed on a regular basis.

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Heavy Black Eyeliner

Heavy black eyeliner makes your eyes look smaller and draws the wrong kind of attention. We’re not saying avoid black eyeliner. Instead, use a thin line on the upper waterline and white eyeliner on the bottom waterline. This method opens up the eye and makes it look clearer.

Many women don’t like using liner on their waterline, and if you can relate, don’t worry. Thankfully, there are other ways to fake eyeliner. One of the most popular methods is to use eyeshadow as eyeliner. It’s easy to do and keeps your eyes looking big and bright.

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Not Wearing Sunscreen

The sun is your skin’s enemy. While it can make it look pretty and golden, it’s damaging at the same time. Over time, age spots pop up. You can help prevent this by slathering on the sunscreen. After applying, give it time to soak in, and don’t forget to reapply if you go into the water.

Another way to prevent horrible sunburns is to avoid tanning in the sun completely. If you like to keep your skin bronzed, purchase a self-tanner or get a spray tan at your local tanning salon.

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Long Skirts or Dresses

Long skirts and dresses were so winter. It’s time to hike up the hem and wear something shorter. You don’t need to go full miniskirt, but something that goes just below the knee can look stunning. It also lets your legs get a little sun.

Don’t be afraid to branch out this spring and summer. Flowy midi-dresses and cropped denim skirts are totally in right now. And it’s time to dress for the warmer weather.

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Going Neon

Let’s just admit that neon doesn’t look good on anyone. It hurts the eye and draws attention to every other flaw you may have. It’s best to avoid insanely bright colors and go for pastels during the spring and summer.

Pastels are flattering on all skin tones and always trendy. Do yourself a favor and stop trying to make neon a thing!

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Obvious Fake Tans

Fake tans are the ideal way to get bronze, but you can quickly go overboard. If you’ve ever seen someone with orange skin, you know what a bad tan looks like. Instead, go for a light tan that is only a few shades darker than your original skin tone.

Although we totally advocate for fake tanning, like spray tans and tanning lotions, you have to be so careful. Choosing the right color for your skin tone can be tricky. Experiment with different brands and shades until you find what works for you.

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High-Cut Swimwear

Last summer, high-cut swimwear made a major comeback. Women decided the higher the cut, the more enticing the swimsuit. If you love high-cut swimmies, there's no need to fret.

We aren't telling you to completely do away with this style, just to tone it down. The cuts don't have to be as high as they were last year!

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Whether you call them “floods,” “capris,” or whatever, calf-length trousers aren’t flattering and age anyone that wears them. If you want to wear pants that cut off before the ankle, choose a form-fitting version like skinny jeans.

Straight-leg denim is also having a moment. This style is more fitted in the thighs and looser around the knees and shins. Straight-leg jeans usually cut off right above the ankle and are the perfect alternative to standard capris.

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Open Shoes with Socks

No – just no. Socks with sandals have never been the ideal thing to wear. It goes beyond showing the wearers age; it just makes them look tacky. If it’s too cold to wear sandals, then wear a closed shoe like a sneaker.

This trend is the absolute worst in the spring and summer. The weather is finally warming up and men and women aren’t quite ready to forgo their socks. Just decide to wear one or the other...please.

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Failing to Accessorize

Accessorize! They can make or break an outfit, especially in the spring and summer. Since your wearing shorter sleeves and lower necklines, you should throw on a necklace and bracelets. Otherwise, it looks like something is missing.

Accessorizing is usually a last minute thought—which is why most women don’t wear jewelry on a regular basis. To remedy this, we recommend picking out your outfits and accessories the night before you wear them so your entire look is ready to wear.

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Spring can be unpredictable, especially as it gets closer to summer. Temperatures are all over the place. With this type of weather, it can be easy to over layer and look like you just rolled out of bed. 

Wear your layers strategically so you don’t add to your age. All you really need during these warmer months is a light cardigan or denim jacket in case the temperatures drop or you’re stuck in a cold restaurant or building for a day.

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Torn or Discolored Fabrics

Torn or discolored fabrics can age most people, even if they’re “distressed.” Unless you’re a young teenager, there’s no reason an adult should wear clothing that’s tattered. 

A good substitution to torn and tattered clothing pieces are pieces that are tie-dyed. It’s one of the hottest trends this spring and summer. If you don’t want to pay for an overpriced tie-dye set, DIY one! There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest.

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Flip Flops Outside of the Beach

Flip flops belong at the beach, and nowhere else. In general, this is a fashion faux-pas that happens specifically in spring or winter that should be avoided at all costs. Make sure to have an extra pair of flats in your trunk if you’re out and about.

If you aren’t into flats, platform sandals were a must-have last season and are back again this season. The best part is, they’re way comfier than regular flats or flip flops because they have more support.

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If you love high-end brands that love slapping their logo on all their products, try to keep things to a minimum. One logo per outfit should be the limit no matter how much you want to show support for the brand.

If you own lots of clothing items covered in logos, toss them aside. They’re no longer trendy and will make you look way older than you actually are. Stick to the basics and you’ll be just fine.

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