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30 Ways to Freshen Up Your Look for Fall

Wear Animal Print as a Neutral

It’s time to accept the fact that animal print is a neutral. Leopard is a fan favorite and can easily be incorporated into your fall wardrobe. Its neutral tones pair perfectly with autumnal hues. If you’re still skeptical, start small by adding a leopard print belt or mule to your outfit!

Wear a Cardigan Over Summer Prints

Contrary to popular belief, summer florals can be worn well into the fall months. Printed dresses and tops can be layered with cozy cardigans to keep you warm and trendy. I give you full permission to incorporate florals into your cold-weather wardrobe.

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Trade Nude Lipsticks and Glosses for Darker Hues

There’s an unspoken rule that encourages you to trade subtle glosses for bolder lipsticks during the colder months. This fall is no exception. Rich plums, dark burgendies, deep mauves, and soft browns are the hottest shades for the upcoming cooldown.

Wear Knit Everything

Let’s be honest—there’s nothing like an oversized sweater on a cool day. And luckily, cozy knits pair with trousers, denim, and skirts. Because it’s almost impossible to get through fall without a collection of snuggly sweaters, do yourself a favor and add another to your collection.

Invest in a Long-Sleeved Dress

Boldly patterned long-sleeved dresses are a fall favorite. They make it possible to be both warm and trendy. Bonus points if they have ruffles or frills!

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Start Using a Thicker Moisturizer

Although you may love the cold weather that autumn brings, your skin doesn’t. Trade in your lighter moisturizer for a heavier and more emollient formula. (My go-to is Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost gel-cream—you’ll thank me later!)

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Pair Your Midi Skirt With a Sweater

The midi-length skirt was summer’s biggest trend, but don’t shove it to the back of your closet just yet. This piece can transition to autumn with the help of a sweater, graphic tee, button-down, or jacket. Dress it up with a heel or down with a pair of chunky sneakers!

Add Tights to Your Look

Black opaque tights are the holy grail of hosiery, but a new trend has emerged—vibrant nylons. If you’re feeling adventurous, try refreshing your fall look with a pair of colorful tights!

Buy All the Chain Jewelry

Chunky chain link jewelry is back—and with a vengeance. Layered chain necklaces, chunky chain bracelets, chain link rings, and chain drop earrings are everywhere. And the mixing of gold, brass, and silver jewelry is encouraged.

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Invest in an Oversized Tote

Smaller purses and bags may be trendy, but this fall we’re all about conventionality. A carryall tote is preferred. It holds all of your essentials in one place. Your laptop, phone charger, wallet, sunglasses, favorite lipstick, and water bottle fit inside this tote—and with room to spare!

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Buy Yourself a Statement Jacket (or Two)

If there’s one item from this list that you choose to purchase this fall, let it be a statement jacket. Once the temperature drops, you’ll be glad to have the extra layer. Leather jackets, oversized camo print jackets, and plaid blazers need to be added to your fall collection ASAP.

Schedule a Hair Appointment

New seasons are all about change and what better way to change than by rocking a new ‘do. The blunt bob is in and if you need convincing, check out pictures of Emilia Clarke’s short locks.

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Add a Scarf to Your Outfit

Scarves are the perfect multi-purpose accessory. They keep you warm and they add dimension to your outfit. You can’t go wrong with a classic wool scarf, a knit infinity scarf, or a houndstooth or plaid scarf. Bundle up and look trendy while you do it!

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Apply Earth Tones to Your Eyes

If you’re in the mood to revamp your makeup routine, invest in an earth tone eyeshadow palette. Beiges, burgundies, greens, plums, and browns are autumnal shades that are sure to complement your fall outfits.

Break Out the Mules, Booties, and Platform Sneakers

If it’s mid-October but still unseasonably warm, transition your shoes before transitioning anything else. Mules, booties, and platform sneakers can be dressed up or down and are huge this fall.

Buy a Pair of Fleece Lined Leggings

Fleece lined leggings are lifesavers, especially if you dread cold temperatures. Not only can they be worn with oversized sweaters and dresses, they can also be worn underneath jeans for extra warmth! The extra insulation will keep you toasty in colder weather.

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Pay Attention to Autumn Nail Trends

Just like the seasonal evolution of fashion and beauty trends, your nail trends should also shift with the weather. It’s time to trade in your pastel polishes for autumnal hues. Burnt orange, hunter green, indigo blue, deep red, and metallic grey are this season’s must-have nail shades.

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Add a Hat to Your Outfit

You can never go wrong with adding a classic fedora to your ‘fit. But if you’re feeling bold, newsboy caps, berets, and bucket hats are the other fall hat trends that will spice up your autumn look.

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Red Lip

Nothing screams Hollywood glamour like a classic red lip. The signature shade is acceptable for all seasons, including fall. If you’re wanting to refresh your fall makeup routine, wear minimal makeup with an insanely bold shade of red lipstick.

Layer Long Sleeves Under Dresses

Don’t put away your sleeveless dresses just yet. Layer your thin turtlenecks and long-sleeve tees under your summery frocks. Extending your summer wardrobe has never been so easy.

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Accessorize With a Silk Scarf

The revival of the classic silk scarf is transforming outfits this fall. The iconic accessory emerged in the ‘30s and has made multiple appearances throughout the decades. It can be accessorized this fall as a necktie, choker, headscarf, bandeau top, belt, or bag accent.

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Don’t Ditch Your Sheer Foundation

Healthy, glowing skin is in—which means you don’t have to ditch your dewy foundation for a matte formula. Instead, continue wearing a sheer foundation. Creamy moisturizers, luminous primers, and liquid blushes will boost your glow during the colder months!

Trade Blue Denim for Black Denim

The reappearance of black denim can only mean one thing—fall. Whether you opt for frayed, pleated, distressed, embellished, or dressy black denim, you’ll be following this season’s biggest denim trend.

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Use Soft, Golden Highlighters to Extend Summer Glow

Highlighter isn’t just for summer; warm, golden shades can be used during fall too. If you don’t feel like splurging on this product, find an inexpensive shimmery eyeshadow to use in its place.

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Change Your Hair Part

If you’re not willing to make any permanent changes to your hair, try changing your part. You can part your hair on the opposite side you normally do to give yourself more volume, or you can part your hair down the middle to totally change your look.

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Keep Wearing White

The “no white after Labor Day” rule is officially revoked. Keep wearing your white dresses, sneakers, and button-downs. It’s not only accepted—it’s encouraged.

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Experiment with Metallic, Shimmery, and Iridescent Shadows

Matte brown eyeshadows are the stereotypical fall go-to. But if you’re willing to ditch the neutral hues, try experimenting with metallic and iridescent shadows. Bronzy palettes and jewel-toned pigments are being used by makeup artists everywhere and I totally encourage you to copy!

Purchase a Distressed Denim Jacket

A distressed denim jacket is a wardrobe essential. Whether it’s worn alone on a breezy autumn night or layered underneath a coat on a chillier fall evening, it’s a must-have transition piece.

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Enhance Your Look With Hair Accessories

Oversized headbands, bold hair clips, and jeweled barrettes have officially made a comeback. These childhood favorites are fall’s most popular trends and will automatically glam up any outfit!

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Experiment With Biker Shorts

If you didn’t experiment with the bold biker short trend during the summer, you still have time. Biker shorts are happening and they transition perfectly when paired with blazers and oversized sweaters.

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