30 Winter Style Dos and Don’ts We Follow to Stay Cozy and Fashionable

Winter is one of those seasons that we get really excited for because it gives us the chance to be comfy, cozy, warm, and fashionable. Aren’t those the best things in life? With sweaters, scarves, gloves, hats, and beanies, it can be easy to throw an outfit together, but it can be pretty dang easy to go overboard or make mistakes. Like any other season, winter has its style dos and don’ts. Unlike those seasons, they can be completely different! A summer “don’t” won’t be to freeze for fashion. Heck, that’s usually what you want to do during the summer—freeze!

We decided to put together our style guide and get everything in one place. These style dos and don’ts are for anyone who wants to be cozy and fashionable this winter season as the temps drop and the Christmas trees go up. Think of them more like guidelines than actual rules. Try one or two of them and see how you feel. If it isn’t up your alley, don’t even worry about it! With fashion, it’s all about what makes you smile when you look in the mirror.

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