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30 Winter Style Dos and Don’ts We Follow to Stay Cozy and Fashionable

Do: Create a Shape

Whether it’s summer or winter, we strive to make sure our body has shape. Even with jackets, we found that adding a belt can create a waist. It also works with dresses and sweaters! It’s cheaper than getting all of our clothes tailored, anyway.

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Don’t: Freeze for Fashion

We can’t stress enough that you should dress for your weather. Our winters can be pretty tricky—either they’re warm, or they’re snowy. For this reason, we check the weather and make sure we’re not going to freeze our butts off to look good. That’s just ridiculous!

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Do: Brighten Up with Accessories

The first thing we want to do during the winter season is pull out our deep reds and darker colors, but there’s life beyond that! Whenever we choose an outfit that’s especially dark, we jazz it up by adding a colorful accessory like a color-saturated purse or jewelry. 

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Don’t: Stick to All Black

Listen, we absolutely adore black, and it was tough not going full Wednesday Addams. We still stay darker, but we add other colors to our outfits like emerald greens and greys to break up the black. It gives our outfits a dynamic look that we crave. Sometimes we even go with brighter shades like sunny yellow! Of course, going all black occasionally can be fun.

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Do: Wear Navy in Place of Classic Black

When we first started wearing navy instead of black, we had our doubts, but we can admit when we’re wrong. We found that the navy brightened our skin and honestly made us look more refreshed. We loved the professional look, too.

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Don’t: Forget to Accessorize

Winter is the perfect time to accessorize, and it can turn an outfit from good to fantastic. Gloves, scarves, cardigans, hats, earmuffs, beanies—we adore them all. Then, we wear necklaces, earrings, and bracelets under our layers, so we still look put together when the layers are shed.

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Do: Wear Colorful Coats

Sometimes, we like to leave our bag at home, so we found a way to add color without it—coats. Wearing a red, yellow, or blue coat is a lot easier than swapping out your bag, anyway. Plus, we love black or navy with these shades!

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Don’t: Be Afraid to Wear White

That whole “don’t wear white after Labor Day” thing has been passé for a while now. White is one of the best colors to wear during the winter, especially since it can be used to highlight the other colors in your outfit! We just try not to wear white shoes that can easily stain with winter road slurries. 

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Do: Layer Up

Winter can be tricky. Outside is freezing and every store and office is super toasty. We found that layering is the best solution. In general, wearing light to heavy keeps us from wearing something super warm as a base that can’t be removed. We wear a shirt, cardigan, coat, and then our scarf so we can remove pieces when necessary.

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Don’t: Wear Steep Heels

After a few missteps, we found that steep heels and icy weather don’t mix. It’s a match made for disaster no matter how great they made our legs look. Overall, we’re advocates for wearing shoes that are comfy and sensible, and during the winter, that means something that helps us keep our balance. Boots! We adore boot and booties. 

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Do: Winterize Summer Looks

As the temperatures drop, a lot of people push their summer clothes to the back of the closet, but they don’t need to! We winterize our summer looks pretty easily. One of our writers has a skirt she loves, and she wears them with leggings and a long-sleeve shirt (or sweater) during the winter. Another wears a summer dress with leggings and a cardigan. Of course, a coat goes over that. Gotta stay warm and cozy!

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Don’t: Wear Bubble Coats

Bubble coats may be warm, but they kill our shape. Overall, we feel like it makes us look like Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka—the girl who turned into a blueberry. Instead, we try to wear wool coats. They’re just as warm and allow us to create a shape.

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Do: Show Your Cozy Socks

Winter is prime cozy season, so why not show it off? We pull our cozy socks up, so they stick out from our boots. Booties with longer socks also look insanely good. Closer to the holiday season, sometimes we play with holiday designs like candy canes or snowmen. 

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Don’t: Forget Gloves and Hats

If it’s freezing outside, we try to protect our hands, ears, and head! We found that by leaving our hands uncovered, they can get dry and cracked even with lotion. Hats also keep our ears from aching thanks to Mr. Jack Frost. Not to mention, it gives us a chance to accessorize a little further.

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Do: Experiment with Patterns

Even though we love solid colors, we also love to experiment with patterns. There’s plenty of patterns that make great coats, dresses, tops, and skirts. Some of our favorites are plaid, checkered, and houndstooth. Heck, we’re not even shy to wearing holiday-themed designs. Whether the styles are in or not, it makes us pretty psyched for the holidays.

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Don’t: Over Accessorize

We don’t forget to accessorize, but there’s a fine line between accessorizing and over accessorizing. The last thing we want to do is walk out of the house looking like we fell over our jewelry box, and it won the wrestling match.

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Do: Show Off Your Knitwear

Knitwear is in, and we love the look. It’s warm and cozy, and to be honest, we could probably live in a knit sweater forever if you gave us a chance. We already moved all of our oversized knit sweaters to the front.

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Don’t: Wear Liquid Lips

Lipsticks are our thing, but winter is so dry that it leaves our lips looking like a cracked wasteland. Instead, we give our lipsticks and lip creams a little love. They’re not as long-lasting, but they’ll look better in the long run.

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Do: Invest in Heavy Coats

Heavy coats are supposed to last a while, and they’re also warmer. We feel that investing in a heavy coat is worth the cost. Are they expensive? Yes, but they keep us warm and last at least five years. We can’t say that for the coats we get online for cheap. 

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Don’t: Be Afraid to Wear Rainboots

Whether it’s raining or snowy, we hate to wear our nice shoes to get ruined by slush of snow and salt. Some brands also sell stylish rainboots that don’t look much different from booties we already wear during the fall and winter. 

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Do: Explore Over the Knee Boots

There’s a time and a place for over the knee boots, and that’s now. First, they’re crazy warm, which is great for our legs when the wind is cutting through us. We prefer the low heel boots, so we keep our traction.

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Don’t: Wear Open Toe Shoes

The open toe shoes we own are adorable, but who needs freezing toes? The only way to keep them warm is to wear a sock, and we personally hate that look. There are plenty of cute closed-toe shoes to choose from during the winter.

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Do: Experiment with Materials

During the summer, it’s tough to experiment with materials since it’s 100 degrees outside and all we want is to be cool. Winter is a completely different story. Wool, cotton, silk, denim, velvet, flannel, tweed—it’s all up for grabs. We especially love to mix and match fabrics.

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Don’t: Wear Socks with Summer Sandals

Okay, socks with sandals? That’s gonna be a no from us. They don’t look good, and the socks won’t be warm enough to keep our feet warm throughout winter. Instead, we wear our booties happily.

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Do: Consider Visiting a Tailor

Nothing says style more than tailoring our clothing. Afterward, everything hugs our body perfectly and accentuates exactly what we want while avoiding what we want to hide.

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Don’t: Step Out with Ripped Clothing

We think that ripped clothing is a huge no-no. We don’t want to walk down the street and make people question whether a bear or not attacked us. Not to mention, it’s just more professional and mature to wear clothing that isn’t torn to shreds.

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Do: Let Your Boots Steal the Show

Clothing isn’t the only thing that can be a statement piece! We absolutely adore statement boots. Some of us own leopard print boots while other prefer stark, saturated red. Basically, you can’t go wrong when your boots steal the show. 

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Don’t: Wear Shoes without Tread

It’s wet and slippery out there. We don’t want to fall, so we make sure the shoes we put on each morning use enough tread to keep us upright. Flats are adorable, but if they don’t keep us stable, then who cares?

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Do: Embrace Faux Fur and Leather

Faux fur and leather are a continuing trend for the last couple of years, and we wholeheartedly support it. First, it looks like real fur. Second, no animals are harmed. Finally, it’s way cheaper than buying the real thing.

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Don’t: Wear Fingerless Gloves

No one needs cold fingers, especially us. Wearing full gloves is the way to go because you stay warm. We do, however, think that fingerless gloves with mitten tops are perfect for this season, especially if you need to use your bare fingers. 

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