30 Worst Menswear Fashion Trends

Fashion comes and goes. It’s constantly changing, constantly being updated. It feels like trends will change before you even know somethings popular! You’ll figure out what it is you like and then it’s out of season. Women seem to know this best, but they still manage to have great wardrobes. While women’s fashion may typically take the front-stage, men have been known to spice up their wardrobe from time to time. They’ll try to put a spin on a classic or incorporate something entirely new into their outfit. But men just aren’t as good with clothes as women are. They often seem to miss the mark. Sometimes, they do great things in the fashion world, but other times, not so much.

Modern menswear has really taken an odd turn in recent years. If you look at it, it’s an odd mashup of a few different time periods. There’s a good bit of villainy from the wild, wild West (looking at you, mustaches and excessive denim), odd trends that were popular in the ‘90s, and really, dressing like in a way that would have gotten you bullied or called a “Nerd,” in elementary school. Read through and see if you agree that modern menswear is basically just a ‘90s, western, preschooler style.

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