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30 Men’s Hairstyles That Women Can’t Stand


Mullets are the worst, and I think we can all agree. The business in the front and party in the back hairstyle needs to be put to rest once and for all. It’s starting to come back thanks to a few celebs, but someone should stop and remind them how horrible it looks.

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Man Buns

Man buns are the new mullet. In order to get a really good man bun, the hair has to be grown out ridiculously long. Otherwise, it will end up looking like a scraggly bump on the back of the guy’s head, and no one wants that thing out in public. Not to mention, man buns can make your hair fall out – any bun can.


It’s alright if a guy is losing hair. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, when a guy tries to cover it up with hair they’ve pushed toward the bald spot – no. Just no. The spot is obvious, and a combover only makes it look worse. It’s like when someone tries to cover up a pimple with foundation — it just stands out more.

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Anything Unkempt

Just wash your hair and brush it. There’s no reason to have a rat’s nest on top of your hair. Unkempt hair isn’t flattering on anyone, male or female, and it also is pretty dang smelly when someone doesn’t keep clean.


Seeing a rattail pulled off well is like seeing pigs fly. It doesn’t happen. Some celebs are trying to make it come back – we’re looking at you, Shia LaBeouf. Shave off that little rattail and move on with your life, man.

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Gelled and Slicked Back

These guys use a lot of gel and then use a comb to slick it back in an immovable state. This style is one that you may have seen worn by kids of rich parents. It isn’t flattering on anyone, and it just makes you look like you aren’t in touch with reality.

Extremely Long Hair

Guys with long hair are a little off putting. It looks like they take longer to get ready than any woman because all that hair has to be maintained. It gets worse when the hair goes past their shoulders. At that point, the man bun will follow. 

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Bowl Cuts

Bowl cuts are the worst, and even barbers know it. Some people are bringing it back as a sort of movement against beauty or something. The rest of us are forced to look at their “novelty” cuts, which are giant eyesores.

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Jaw-Length Hair

Something about jaw-length hair makes a guy look like he’s trying to bring back the 90s. Not to mention, most guys try to put their hair up in a man bun but can’t manage it. It hangs out as a half-bun that’s a little nub on the back of their head.

Gel Spikes

Gel spikes have never worked. It’s the epitome of a childish hairstyle. It reminds most people of their 15-year-old child who was going through a “rebellious” phase. Spikes can be done right, but it takes time and practice.

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Hairband Hair

First, your hair has to have as much lift as a plane. Next, tease the heck out of it until it’s incredibly damaged and frizzy. Next, spray about four cans of hairspray. The style is complete, and regret will ensue when looking back on photos.

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Curtain Bangs

This style makes a guy look so much younger, which isn’t bad unless the guy is super old. There’s no reason to attempt to look like a 13-year-old. Instead, go for a lifted style that’s modern and makes you look like an adult.

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Super Short Flat Top

It’s well known that women love to grab hair. Getting a super short cut makes it nearly impossible to run your fingers through your man’s hair. The flat top also doesn’t give any dimension to the face.

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Extremely Long Bangs

This style has been popular with younger guys for a long time, but no one knows why. As an adult looking at the style, it’s obvious that the hair will always be in your face. That’s precisely why anyone with this cut is continuously jerking their head to the side to move their bangs.

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Bright Neon Colors

Bright neon colors can literally hurt someone’s eyes. Men have shorter hair than women (usually), so it’s less of a pain to dye it. To make matters worse, the color will fade, and it won’t turn into something flattering. They never do.

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Separated Pompadour

Something about this hairstyle screams “arrogant.” Not to mention this is the kind of style that requires a lot of work to keep the volume. We’re talking about dedication that most people lack – even many women. Who wants to spend an hour doing their hair in the morning when they could be sleeping? 

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Long and Curly

Maybe models can rock this hair, but the average guy? Not so much. Women usually love curly hair, although we’re usually jealous that men have naturally curly hair more often than we do. This style is just tough to take care of, and most guys don’t take care of it. Then it’s untamed and frizzy and just horrible. 

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Faux Hawks

When done right, they can look good, but most aren’t. The average guy doesn’t walk away looking like a male model. Instead, they look like they globed some gel into their hair, pulled it up, and walked away. Basically, similar to the Jersey Shore guys.

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White Guy Dreadlocks

White guys don’t look good with dreadlocks, and we aren’t sure why they keep wearing them. One of the worst examples of this is Justin Bieber. Someone, please, get the scissors and take care of this mess.

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Let’s stop with the mohawk, please? They were possibly cool when the Sex Pistols were popular, but they’re not around anymore so this hairstyle needs to die.

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Ponytails are similar to man buns. They’re not as bad, but they’re up there. Unless the guy's hair is ridiculously long, it just looks like a high rattail.  

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Greasy Hair

Go. Wash. Your. Hair. Even if it’s just wet, it looks like you haven’t washed your hair in weeks. Gag.

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Unnatural Poofy Perm

Perms can look good, don’t get us wrong. They really can, but they’re a ton of work. That’s why many women don’t get them. (That, and they’re super damaging.) Men that don’t take care of their perm end up with a poofy, frizzy mess.

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Frosted Tips

Is it the 90s? No? Then you shouldn’t have frosted tips. In fact, they didn’t look too great back when they were “in.” Nowadays, you don’t want to walk around looking like you took a trip to Flavortown with Guy Fieri.  

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Intricate Tramlines

Tramlines can accentuate a haircut…unless they’re super intricate. Then they just look like a crappy hair tattoo. What’s worse is when the tramlines are something tribal. Furthermore, it requires constant maintenance to look clean-looking and fresh.

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The Pageboy Cut

What’s going on with the pageboy cut, and why do people still get this cut? This is similar to the Beatles Cut that many guys seem to adore. First of all, it’s not the 60s anymore. Second, it’s time for a haircut.

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There’s nothing wrong with losing your hair. It happens to some of the best men. Receding hairlines become a problem when guys hold onto them. There’s something attractive about a guy that shaves his head. Don’t be afraid!

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Bleaching your hair is extremely bad for it, so no one should really aim for this haircut. Other than that, it’s just an unnatural color. Guys try for the silvery-white color, but most end up with the brassy-yellow bleached look.

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Shaved Sides, Long Top

We’re going to call this one the “Macklemore,” and you don’t want to have a style like him, do you? It’s like the divided pompadour, except it has absolutely no volume. Along with it being limp, it stops at the back of the head. Actually, we’re not sure we want it to continue.

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White Guy Cornrows

There hasn’t been a single white guy in history that wore cornrows well. Not to mention, many people find the style incredibly offensive. In short, let’s just not?

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