31 Men’s Hairstyles That Women Can’t Stand

These are some men’s hairstyles that women can’t stand. Why are we doing this? Well, men love to hate on what women are doing. They love to talk about how our makeup is too heavy or too light, and our hairstyles are stupid or ridiculous. They’re the ones that are ridiculous. It’s like they think we get ready for them when it’s entirely the opposite. We do what makes us happy, so why does it matter what we do with our makeup or hair?

Today we’re going to turn the tables. We’re going to look at men’s hairstyles that are just the absolute worst. Some of these styles may not be worn today (or at least we hope so in the case of rocker hair), but that doesn’t mean they weren’t popular once upon a time. Some of us may regret our 80s bangs, but men aren’t untouchable. They are just as culpable as any woman out there that got a cut that was less than flattering years later.

We’re going to cover some hairstyles that are worn today and have been worn in the past that are just so bad. As women, we hate them, but guys do them anyway. That isn’t to say that some of these styles can’t be pulled off. Some guys know how to do it just right, but most men that get these cuts don’t see that they’re not flattering in the least bit.

Without further ado, here are 31 men’s hairstyles that women want to see gone.

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