40 Best and Worst Color Combinations for Weddings

Weddings are full of choices, and it can be tough making them. What type of cake will you have? Some of your guests may prefer chocolate while others would much rather eat vanilla! Where are you going to get your dress? Between all the cuts (trumpet, A-line, Sheath) it's hard to choose! All of these wedding decisions can make your head spin, in all honesty.

One of the hardest questions is about your color scheme. Your color scheme will dictate everything about your wedding, even influencing your groom and groomsmen. It may even decide the colors on your dress. Everything from the invitations to the place settings will use the colors you choose, so you should try and select the colors carefully.

That’s a lot of pressure, and sometimes you don’t know the color choice was wrong until you actually start putting everything together. It’s only then that you realize your wedding looks like a mess. Some brides pour over what magazines suggest, but it’s tough to make your event look like something from Brides magazine. No one has the money to create something so immaculately put together, right?

Instead, learn from other couples’ mistakes. We’ve made a list of the best and worst colors you can choose for your wedding. Of course, weddings are all about the couple. If you feel genuinely passionate about your color choices, just own it! The only thing that matters during a wedding is that the bride and groom are happy with their choices. Our advice comes from what looks good along with suggestions from wedding photographers. We admit that some color schemes look great in person, but they can photograph poorly, unfortunately. 

(Image via Pexels)

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