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40 Best and Worst Color Combinations for Weddings

Best: Sage and Light Brown

We love sage and browns since they bring an earthy feeling. One of the best weddings we’ve seen is one that used succulents instead of flowers. Not only did they last longer than flowers, but they also created a rustic feeling without feeling tacky. These two shades are also versatile since you can go light or dark brown.

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Worst: Turquoise and Beige

Unless you’re having a beach wedding with tons of “beach-y” elements, it may be best to stay away from turquoise and beige. Most bridesmaids aren’t too keen on wearing beige since it washes out almost every skin tone. In all honesty, turquoise isn’t much better. If you love this shade, it may be best to go with a pastel option.

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Best: Lavender and Mint

Lavender is an elegant color that looks best during the spring, but you may also pull off this color during winter and summer. While you could go lavender and cream, we suggest pairing lavender with mint. If it’s too much on the eyes, you could also use the cream shade to break up each tone a little. Plus, white, lavender, and mint flowers in a bouquet is precious.

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Worst: Magenta and Anything

Magenta is another one of those colors that can be too bright on the eyes. Wedding photographers hate colors like these because they make the bride and those wearing the color sickly. The color grabs the attention of anyone that looks over, and that isn’t what you want at your wedding. YOU want to be the center of the event – not the color. 

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Best: Metallics and Ivory

Some people say that you shouldn’t mix metallics, but that advice is incredibly outdated. Metallics can be beautifully combined as long as you pair it with another color that goes with each shade. That’s right--we’re talking about ivory. White can be a little much, but an off-white like ivory or cream is perfect.

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Worst: Blue and White

Blue is too much on the eyes, which is why many brides and wedding planners suggest a pastel blue or darker blue like navy. The issue with blue and white is that white brings out the already-vibrant blue. It can give your guests headaches, primarily if the blue is used liberally throughout the event.

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Best: Dark Red, White, and Golds

Dark reds are gorgeous and go well during the fall and winter months. Pair a lovely merlot shade with gold, and you have a winning combination. Of course, you’ll need a little something to bring the two colors together in a beautiful way – we suggest white. You can also go silver if you think that would work better with your vibe.

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Worst: All Black

You don’t want your wedding to look like a funeral, and that’s precisely what will happen if you go all black. Black and white is classy since they’re used for most elegant parties, but all black? No, thanks. Also, nothing is worse than eating a black cake. Fondant is gross, and if you go the non-fondant route, you’ll have to dye the frosting which will stain. 

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Best: Pale Pink and Dove Grey

Whether you’re having a small romantic wedding or something a bit larger, pale pink and dove grey are an incredibly elegant combination. If you need a little more oomph, adding rose gold or silver into the mixture will make the pink pop. 

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Worst: All the Colors

Almost everyone loves colors, but that doesn’t mean you can use ALL the colors in your wedding. It may look good as accents but going full-on rainbow will make your wedding look incredibly busy. It’s just too much going on in one place. It’ll also make your pictures look less than great. Any wedding photographer will tell you that using every color in the rainbow will make for horrible pictures.

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Best: Black, Pale Green, and White

Pale green is a beautiful color on its own, but it really shines when it’s with black and white. The shade of pale green is up to you, but we’re pretty fond of sage. It’s a stunning shade that brings a sense of freshness and spring to your event.

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Worst: Red and Yellow

Overall, red and yellow aren’t great shades to pair up. Your wedding will look like McDonalds sponsored it. To make matters worse, yellow is another one of those colors that don’t photograph well. Most wedding photographers hate it when you choose yellow in your palette, and it only gets worse when red is also used.

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Best: Cinnamon and Beige

If you’re having a fall wedding, few things are more beautiful than cinnamon and beige. The cinnamon brings a regal Spanish vibe that’s accented by the beige. It helps the cinnamon pop and shine. It also goes well with traditional wedding elements like a tall, tiered cake and place cards.

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Worst: Orange and Pink

Orange and pink can go well together, but not for weddings. They’re two dominant colors that attempt to outshine each other. Including them in one place as a color palette will make your wedding seem too much – too loud, if you will. You don’t want to give your guests headaches.

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Best: Peach and Sage

Peach and sage can be great for spring weddings, but you can use it whenever! These two colors go really well together and help accentuate any real plant life you’re incorporating into your wedding. Not to mention, your budget will thank you for adding more greenery and fewer flowers in your table displays and bouquet. 

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Worst: Orange and Blue

Orange and blue have the same issue as some of the other colors on this list – they’re two strong colors that fight for attention. It’s always best to have neutral colors or one vibrant color paired with other neutral colors to keep things elegant. If you’re the quirky type, orange and blue may work out.

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Best: Navy, Eggplant, and Gold

Eggplant is an off-color that not many people choose, but it’s underused. When combined with navy and gold, it gives your wedding an art-deco feel that’ll make Gatsby jealous. If you wanted to, you could also mix other metallics with these colors as long as you don’t go overboard. It’ll give your wedding a unique feel that's easy to remember.

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Worst: Brown and Lime Green

Lime green doesn’t photograph well no matter how hard you try. Throwing in brown will make people think “Coconut” by Harry Nilsson will play as the couple’s first song. It might have a fun vibe, but you’ll regret it when everything starts coming together.

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Best: Black and White

We love minimalism, and few things are more minimalistic than black and white. Some might think these two colors are bland, but we say they’re incredibly elegant. It’s a timeless combination, but it can be a little intimidating for some. Just use different fabrics and textures to create an unforgettable event.

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Worst: Green and Purple

No one wants to use a color scheme that reminds everyone of Batman’s Joker. If you go with green, it’s best to add another color like beige to help break up the colors. Also, go with a pastel green like sage to decrease the loudness of the purple.

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Best: Coral and Light Blue

Coral is a shade of pink that’s boosted by baby or light blue. These two colors go amazingly if you’re having a wedding on the beach or anywhere near water. Imagine these two colors with conch shells – beautiful, right? It keeps your wedding upbeat, which is what everyone wants. 

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Worst: Green and Red

Green and red shouldn’t meet unless it’s December. While we love the two colors separately, together, it’ll just remind everyone about Christmas. However, if you wanted to have a December wedding, this color scheme works amazingly as long as you embrace the “Yule” feel.

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Best: Blush and Rose Gold

Rose gold was incredibly popular a couple of years ago, and nothing accents this color better than blush. They’re both delicately colored and gives your bridesmaid’s plenty of options. They can go bright and glitzy with rose gold sequins or choose a delicate blush shade.

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Worst: Blue and Yellow

Blue and yellow are two primary colors that are just too much for one place. Blue can look great if it’s desaturated a little, but most wedding photographers will tell you that yellow almost never photographs well. If you’re dead-set on yellow, it may be best to choose a pale yellow color that is with a darker color like mocha.

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Best: Emerald and Cream

Emerald is a gorgeous color. We’re talking about the deep, earthy green color that looks refreshing on almost anyone. To pair with that, many people choose white. Instead, we think cream would be the best option. It brings the whole thing together and makes your wedding look incredibly classy.

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Worst: Anything Neon

Anything neon is some of the worst things you can do. This includes hot pinks and bright blues. Not only do they wash out most skin tones, but they also don’t photograph well. Instead of neon, try a pastel version of the color and go with other neutral colors to highlight the shade.

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Best: Steel and White

Steel and white are incredibly elegant, which means they’d also be perfect for a wedding. You can do so much with these shades. Steel is basically a slightly duller silver. Basically, this type of color combination allows you to use silver or any shade of grey. You could have your bridesmaids wear shades of gray that fade in or out for a gradient effect. Think about the pictures!

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Worst: Chevron

Sorry, we’re just not a fan of chevron. First of all, it’s done way too much. We’ve personally heard from wedding photographers that they’re sick of chevron. Second, it almost never looks good, because it always comes off as tacky. Avoid this pattern in any way, shape, or form. We're cheating a little since this is a pattern and not a color combination, but we thought it was worth mentioning for all of our wedding photographer fans. 

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Best: Navy, Copper, and White

Copper is one of the most underused colors during any event. This metal shade is only made better by using navy and white strategically to bring it out even more. We suggest using these colors during the colder months since it works better as a theme. Although, if you want to use it during the summer, nothing is stopping you!

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Worst: Aqua and Purple

Like many of the colors on this list, aqua and purple are just too much on the eyes. It’s absolutely necessary to have a third color if you have to have these colors. White is not an option because it’ll just make aqua and purple more vibrant. While we suggest staying away altogether, you could always use ivory or cream as the primary color and use splashes of aqua and purple.

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Best: Champagne and Rose Gold

Rose gold is very trendy right now, and for a good reason. The toned-down pink tones have a feeling of classiness that hot pinks just don't. When combined with champagne colors, this combination is sweet and girly while still being sophisticated.  These colors will accentuate your wedding without overshadowing it. 

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Worst: Blue and Pink

Having pops of blue and pink to decorate for the best day of your life can be tackier than you might imagine. The two colors, especially together, give off baby shower vibes. Or worse, your wedding will feel like an '80s throwback party.  Consider using toned-down colors like pastel blue or a blush pink instead of the bright shades. 

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Best: Yellow and White

White is the classic color for weddings so it's usually a safe bet. Yellow is bright and happy, which matches how you're feeling on the day you marry the love of your life. Together, the colors look refined without looking boring. The combination also will compliment you without outshining you on your special day.

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Worst: White and Gold

White and gold look alright together, but the combination has been painfully overdone in weddings and now feels cliche.  Your wedding can also look very washed out when everything is covered in white with gold accents. Avoid this boring, uncreative color scheme and shake it up with some pops of color. If you love how white and gold look together, consider adding in some rose gold to modernize the look. 

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Best: Grey and Black

Who said weddings have to use white in the color scheme? If you're looking for a less traditional look then black is a bold and posh way to go. Using grey as the main color with black accents will give your wedding a high-class look that makes your white dress pop against the background. This is great for pictures, especially if the lighting in your venue isn't the best. 

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Worst: Grey and Green

Grey is a great color to use because it compliments many other hues well. However, combining grey with green can make your wedding look drab. If done right these colors can work well together, but all too often it ends up looking washed out. Consider pairing grey with purple for a more modern, classy look. 

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Best: Purple and Grey

Purple is the color of royalty and grey is the perfect accent shade. When you use these two hues together, you get a subtle yet glamorous look that your wedding guests will remember. The two colors look so good together that you can use just about any purple tone with grey and it will still look beautiful. 

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Worst: Yellow and Green

Springtime colors can give your wedding a whimsical and cheerful vibe, but it can easily turn into a childish and tacky mess.  Yellow and green are both bright, beautiful colors that usually don't look good together. Since they're so close on the color wheel, you have to pick out the exact right shades for them to work with each other. 

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Best: Brown and Pastel Orange

Brown isn't usually a color you think of when you're decorating for a wedding. However, it can be a gorgeous accent color and give your wedding a rich, earthy vibe. Pairing brown and orange also adds some warm and bright tones, especially if you're having a fall wedding. Use a pastel orange to avoid looking like you're hosting a Halloween party. 

Worst: Pink and Green

Pink and green are difficult colors to use when decorating. If you choose shades that are too bright then you look like you stepped straight out of the '80s. On the other hand, the pastel versions will remind your guests of Easter. Avoid using pink and green if you can help it,  or at least, don't pair them together. 

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