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40 Easy Ways to Look and Feel Younger

Mix Accessories

When you’re going out on a date or a night on the town, you may want to only wear elegant jewelry. But don’t be afraid to mix and match! You can pair a punk, spike bracelet with a pair of hoop earrings and a chic bag or clutch. Basically, avoid sets of jewelry and find other pieces that can stand on their own.


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Avoid Clunky Shoes

Wearing clunky boots or shoes isn't the most flattering look. It makes you appear older and heavier at the bottom, which is the opposite of what you want. Ankle boots are great but stick to slimmer pairs. While we’re at it – never wear platforms.

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Buy Hyaluronic Acid Products

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that’s popping up in skin products for one reason: it makes your skin look amazing. It replenishes skin, revitalizes the outer layer, and makes you look refreshed. It comes in cleansers, lotions, and even toners.

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Wear New Colors

As a fan of black, it can be hard to don some color, but it’s the perfect way to look younger. If you’re not comfortable wearing a ton of color, a statement piece like a jacket, dress, or top can look great when paired with other black or neutral-colored pieces.

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Whiten Your Smile

Years and years of coffee and tea has left your teeth looking a little darker than they should. Whitening your teeth is easy and inexpensive. You can mix your own with baking soda and water, or you could just purchase any of the whitening products on the market.

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Wear Statement Belts

The leather belt is out of style. Nowadays, people wear a range of thick and skinny belts around the waist to accentuate your figure. If you’re wearing jeans, a skinny belt works well as a contrasting color.  

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Buy a Good Bra

We all have a tendency of keeping our bras way too long – it’s not like they’re cheap! Instead of sticking with the one you’ve had for years, go to a professional fitter and find one that fits right. Rather than getting hung up on numbers, try on anything they suggest. Bras are like pants, different brands fit differently.

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Wear Natural Makeup

The biggest way we show our age is through our makeup style because styles have changed so much over the decades. Brush up on the natural makeup look rather than wearing bright colored eyeshadow or lip products.

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Keep Your Hair Color Simple

Lightening your hair can be the perfect way to brighten up your face, but avoid going too light. This goes double if you dye your hair too dark. It’s best to leave hair extremes to pop stars.

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Visit a Tailor

Frumpy makes you look older – it’s a fact. Visiting at tailor can shave years off your look by giving you clothes that fit and accentuate your figure. This tip is especially important for power outfits or your classy clothing. A dress or blazer looks better when it doesn’t hang on you like a hanger.

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Choose Fitted Jeans

Bootcut jeans are everywhere, but skinny jeans are the trend. Frumpy denim has a way of aging a person. Unlike the 90s, jeans have had a huge update. Skinny jeans are tight on your figure, but stretchy in all the places you need.

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Pamper Your Feet

Believe it or not, your feet can show your age. If you’re going to step out in sandals, try to get a pedicure once a month. If you can’t do this, exfoliate weekly for smooth, luscious skin.

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Try Concealer

Even someone in their 20s uses concealer on a regular basis, so why not pick up a tube? You can use concealer to hide under eye circles, highlight the inner corners of your eyes, and reshape your nose. Your friends may wonder if you had some work done, but it’s all makeup!

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Shorten Your Hems

Wearing long skirts can quickly look dowdy if they aren’t flowy enough. For dresses and skirts that don’t move with you, it’s best to shorten the hems. We’re not saying you have to start wearing mini-skirts, but bringing it just above your knee can look stunning and youthful.

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Stick to Light Lipsticks

As we age, our lips lose volume, and dark lipstick only brings attention to that fact. Instead, nude and lighter colors can be your best friend. Don’t be afraid to try out gloss! New glosses aren’t like the gooey, sticky mess from the 90s. 

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Don’t Use Powder Makeup

Makeup has improved quite a bit over the years, and there are plenty of formulas that can hydrate your skin while giving it a little plump. Powder makeup tends to look cakey and don’t look flattering on older faces. Consider switching to a lightweight tinted moisturizer, and your face will thank you.

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Show Some Shoulder

Don’t be afraid to wear an off the shoulder top or dress. Showing a little shoulder can look amazing at any age, and definitely makes you look younger. It can also look elegant depending on the outfit!

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Buy Statement Shoes

Shoes are a dead giveaway of our age. If you’ll look at younger generations, they may wear completely different shoes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick yourself up a statement shoe. Sassy, stomp-able boots stand out and can play up your personality in the best ways.

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Consider Shorter Hair

Maybe not a pixie cut, but a bob cut can look great as a woman ages. Shorter hair can also give body to thinner locks. If you love having your hair longer, make sure to keep it up with regular trims and touch-ups.


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Shape Your Brows

Bushy brows aren’t anyone’s best friend. It’s easy to go to a salon and get your brows waxed or threaded. If you don’t want to pay regularly, you can get it done once and pick the hairs that grow back after a week or two. Easy and cheap! Just be careful not to get them too thin. Thin eyebrows will also age you. 

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Lose the Black Liner

Black eyeliner closes the eyes, especially when it's lined from corner to corner. Instead, using navy eyeliner is the perfect way to open your eyes and brighten the whites without too much effort. Make sure to avoid adding too much on the lower waterline and making your eyes look smaller than they really are.

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Show a Little Leg

Showing a little bit of leg can make you look super young. It doesn’t have to be much and can even be a slit on the side of your dress. Consider the stars on the red carpet – many of them don a dress that shows off a little leg. Not only does it make you look younger, it also makes you look taller, and it’s never bad to look like a stunning Amazonian.

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Use Shapewear

No one wants to wear shapewear all the time, but it’s a definite way to lift and tuck without going under the knife. Shapewear is designed to lift your bottom while decreasing the size of your midriff. It also can smooth out lumps in places where lumps don’t need to be.

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Get Bangs

Full, side-swept bangs are an instant way to look five years younger. Not only does it hide wrinkles, but it instantly updates your style to be totally chic.

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Learn to Contour

Contouring isn’t the easiest thing to learn, but it can change your face to look more youthful than ever. Stars have been using contouring for ages, and there are tons of tutorials you can follow to get the same look. The right look can bring up your cheekbones, reshape your nose, or highlight your best features.

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Consider Minimalism

Wearing too much jewelry gives away your age. Nowadays, minimalism is in. Instead of wearing a ring with a large stone, wear two or three simple gold or silver bands. Above all, avoid the bubble necklaces and stick to thinner, simpler pieces.

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Move Your Part

Where you part your hair receives a lot of sun damage, so it can go grey faster than other places. Parting your hair will hide some of the gray without going through the process of dyeing your hair. It’ll give your hair a little bit of lift.

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Embrace Silicone Products

Primers and serums with silicone work to fill lines and smooth the skin. Many primers nowadays use silicone to also hide pores – so be on the lookout for these products.

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Shine Away

Years of blow-drying and heating tools take a toll on hair. Over time, our hair dulls and looks lackluster. This can be repaired with conditioning gloss. It’ll bring your hair back to its shiny self and make you look so much younger.

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Embrace Sequins

Sequins are a great thing to wear, especially when you’re going out for a night on the town. Maybe in the past, they were something only teenage girls wore, but recent fashion has brought them from the back of the closet. Whip out your sequins if you’re going somewhere that needs a little flash.

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Fake Fuller Lips

Over time, the plumpness of our lips reduces with age. When the thinning becomes more noticeable, you can use filler, but a much better option would be to use a lip liner to overline your lips. Overlining them with a pink or nude pencil will make your lips look fuller without all the needles.

Get an Acid Peel

Consistent use of a good acid peel will work wonders. Try to use one that has both salicylic and glycolic acid. The masks will make your skin plump up and look healthier longer. Plus, doing it regularly helps rebuild collagen, which can decrease fine lines and pigmentation.

Match Some Pieces

Not your whole outfit but matching two or three items can make a huge difference. We suggest matching your top with your shoes, but you can also match your bottoms with an accessory. Matching a couple of items will help elongate your body and make you appear thinner.

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Add a Modern Spin

We’re not telling you to toss out your old clothing – that would be ridiculous. Instead, we suggest that you should update it with a little modern spin. Even if you’re wearing something dated, pairing it with a modern piece can make you look a lot younger!

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Wear Ankle Boots

Get yourself a nice pair of ankle boots. They don’t have to be too high, and thankfully, there are plenty of high-quality ankle boots that are comfortable for the feet. Plain back goes with nearly everything, but a statement ankle boot is always an option. 

Opt for Light Reflecting Earrings

No matter your age, you want to draw attention to your face. We suggest you let your earrings do the talking. The right pair of light-reflecting earrings can give you a youthful glow while simultaneously drawing the eye away from problem areas.

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Avoid Anything Too Trendy

We all know that fashion changes all the time. It seems like something new comes out every month! Experts suggest that you avoid anything too trendy. Not only is it unnecessarily expensive, but trendy clothes have a way of aging the wearer whether they’re 20 or 50. 

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Emphasize Your Style

Don’t give up your style! If you love chunky necklaces, there’s a way to incorporate them into a youthful outfit, especially when it’s the highlight of your outfit. Trying to stifle your style will make you feel uncomfortable, and the best way to stay young is through confidence. 

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Illuminate Your Face

The brighter your face looks, the younger you’ll appear. Dark clothing can dampen the brightness of your skin, but you can get it back by adding a white collar. We especially love Peter Pan collars because they can layer under dresses and blouses.

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One of the best tips we can give anyone is to smile. It really does make a difference. Even though it may give you a few more wrinkles in the long run, smiling makes you appear younger and healthier. Researchers studied how people perceive others who smiled, and they found that those who smiled were even more attractive!

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