40 Most Regrettable Hairstyles, Ranked

40 Most Regrettable Hairstyles, Ranked. Admit it: over the years, we’ve seen some pretty bad hairstyles and hairstyle trends. They haven’t all been that bad, of course. Some people really dig the man bun, while others would rather leave their man before being caught dead standing next to him and his bouncy bun. Then there are those that think undercuts were God’s gift to man and others that think it’s just…bad. 

Still, some trends are universally hated. We’re talking about the mullets of the world—sorry Billy Ray Cyrus, they’re bad. Most people hate the mullet, and it’s definitely not a hairstyle someone would pull out today in seriousness. Heck, some Halloween costumes use the mullet in comedy outfits. That’s when you know a haircut is awful.

Today, we’re going to go over some other hairstyles and hairstyle trends that people have grown to regret over the years. We all hate them, and we’d be happy if they stay in the past where they belong. There’s no reason to get any of these again. Well, unless you’re going to a decade party or a Halloween party. Then, getting any of these hairstyle trends will definitely get you an award in that case, at least. Why? Uh, they’re horrifying!

Without further ado, here are 40 hairstyles that are just utterly regrettable and bad.  

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