50 Pictures That Prove Gray Hair is Beautiful

50 Pictures That Prove Gray Hair is Beautiful. We live in a day and age where a woman’s look is scrutinized on a regular basis. We can't even watch television or walk outside without seeing an advertisement for a new beauty product! It can be really hard on self-esteem, can’t it? Media pretty much enforces the fact that we need to be thin, tall, with perfect hair, and flawless skin. Above all, we need to be forever young. Absolutely no one can stay 20 forever. Who would want that, anyway?

Fine lines begin to appear, and you know what? It's nothing to be ashamed of. Our fine lines and wrinkles are badges of honor. They show what we’ve been through, and that we came out the other end with our head held high. Those lines around our mouth are years of smiles and hours upon hours of laughter.

While we’re on the subject, grey hair? Absolutely stunning. Whether it’s salt and pepper or straight silver, grey hair is some of the most beautiful locks in the world. We put our hair through so much. Media may want you to cover up your greys or even pull them – ouch! Let’s stop and start wearing grey hair with pride.

If you have your doubts, we have proof that shows grey hair can be the prettiest hair color out there. These 50 women have grey hair, and they’re not afraid to flaunt it. Our goal is to emulate them and show off our hair as it’s meant to be shown whether it’s blonde, brunette, red, or grey!

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