7 Fashion Statements You Don't Want to Make With Sunglasses

The perfect pair of sunglasses can take an outfit from good to great, but a bad pair of sunglasses can take an otherwise fashionable outfit down a peg or two (or more). There are so many trendy and flattering styles of sunnies, such as cat eyes sunglasses, round lens sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, and just about any kind of vintage sunglasses, so just avoid these horrendous styles completely, alright? 


Unless the look you’re going for is “college frat guy,” leave this accessory in your box of college memorabilia. Trust us, the only time you will ever need to make sure that your precious sunglasses don’t fall off your head is if you’re going to float the river. 

Green/Orange/Yellow Colored Lenses

Some colored lenses are fine, such as blue or purple, but green lenses kind of have the tendency to make human eyes look like bug eyes. Yellow and orange lenses are barely acceptable for ski goggles because of the weird tint they give your skin, so they definitely are not appropriate for day-to-day wear. Womens sunglasses and mens sunglasses are supposed to make you look classy and refined, but green, yellow, and orange lenses do quite the opposite. 

Crazy Shapes

Heart shapes, star shapes, or any other kind of crazy shape has no place on your face. As a general rule, if you think a four year old might like them, don’t buy them. If you’re looking for a shape that’s a little different, pick up a pair of vintage cat eye sunglasses instead. 

Patterned Glasses

Yes, pattern mixing is right on trend this fall, but you shouldn’t include your sunglasses as one of your patterns. Sunglasses should be more subtle and refined, so opt for some round sunglasses or aviator sunglasses to add a touch of class to your ensemble.

Color-Changing Lenses

Even worse than colored lenses are the lenses that change colors in the sun. Any accessory that changes color should be left to third graders, not grown, fashion-conscious adults. So, if you really want to buy color-changing lenses for your kids sunglasses, that’s fine, but we wouldn’t even do that. 

Fluorescent Plastic Sunglasses

You can obtain these cheap sunnies for free from pretty much any store around a college campus at the beginning of the school year, so you should never ever pay for a pair like these. Don’t even wear the free ones unless you’re participating in an activity where you may lose your sunglasses, like swinging on a zipline through the jungle. 

Shutter Glasses

These have neither a functional use nor a fashionable use, so we wish we could just pretend these hideous pieces of eyewear never existed in the first place. They even have LED glasses that light up it just makes us shutter. Aviator sunglasses for men and women are flashy enough, so stick with those.