9 Vintage Hairstyles That Wrecked the Ozone Layer

We love the look of vintage hairstyles. Women of that era always looked ready to go and absolutely stunning. However, we can’t help but think about the consequences of their glorious hair. I mean, how did they keep every single strand in place? We can only imagine that they used a ton of hairspray – and we mean a ton. The hair must have been stiff as a piece of wood, but it looked great on screen. 
Other than their hair being destroyed by the product, our ozone probably suffered quite a bit from the vintage, hairspray-soaked ‘dos of yesteryear. In fact, aerosols are one of the worst things you can do to the environment. Invented in the 1920s, aerosol sprays were designed to help soldiers ward off Malaria, but we adapted it to keep our hair in place with a lot of changes. Soon after, scientists in the 1970s realized we were destroying the ozone. 
Now, things aren’t as bad. Companies began voluntarily eliminating ozone-depleting chemicals, but that was after we’d already done damage. Now, we love hairstyles of old Hollywood, but we can recognize the damage they did. Here are nine of the worst culprits that required a massive amount of hairspray to stay in place.

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