Best Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you know how close to impossible it is to find products that don't completely wreck your skin. If it smells good, it'll cause your skin to break out. If it's something people with normal skin love, it will clog your pores. We need skincare that's fragrance-free. We need skincare that's oil-free and non-comedogenic. We need products without salicylic acid. We need products that are natural. And for some crazy reason, it can be difficult to find products that combine all of these qualities—which is why we've compiled this list of the best skincare products for sensitive skin for you!

As someone with oily AND sensitive skin (the struggle is real), I've searched high and low for years to find the products on this list—and now that I've found them, I'm sticking with them for life. From makeup removers, night cream, and eye cream, to sunscreen, acne treatments, and face masks, these are the absolute best skincare products for your sensitive skin—no matter your age or skincare need. You can thank me later. (Bonus: I've also noted which products are fragrance-free, oil-free, sulfate-free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, which products are natural, and all the important ingredients for you!)

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