Young woman smiles as she drinks water and improves her skin health.

Caring for Your Skin from the Inside Out

Good health leads to great skin, as is evidenced by the glowing, beautiful skin of people who eat well and take care of their bodies. It is easier than you may think to get gorgeous skin; all you need to do is eat the right foods.

Eating good food and drinking enough water are the keys to having beautiful skin. In addition to consuming at least 8 glasses of water each day, there are some specific foods that are known to boost skin health and produce amazing results in both the elasticity and appearance of your skin. Let's take a look at some of the best ways to care for your skin from the inside out.

  • Oatmeal

    We're not talking the chemically colored and sweetened stuff in the packets here. Old fashioned and steel cut oats are power houses to boost health and create glowing skin. Oats have long been used as a topical skin soothing treatment, and they have a similar effect when eaten. Top your oats with the following suggestion and you're in for a double dose of skin health.

  • Berries

    All members of the berry family are loaded with vitamin C, which is amazing for the skin. Eaten raw or thawed from frozen, berries are a delicious, easy, antioxidant packed food for gorgeous skin.

  • Walnuts

    The essential fatty acid Omega-3, which walnuts are packed with, has been shown to improve the skin elasticity. In addition, adding walnuts to your diet will boost your protein levels and copper intake, both of which are incredibly beneficial for your skin.

Just like knowing which foods will help you achieve beautiful, healthy skin, it's important to learn which foods to avoid. Making the proper food choices and avoiding the foods that have proven detrimental to skin health will result in confidence when you look in the mirror. Try skip these foods whenever possible.

  • Dairy

    Dairy products have long been known to cause skin issues. Acne sufferers have seen a direct correlation between their dairy consumption and acne flare ups. With the multitude of dairy-free options available today, it is easy to decrease or cut dairy out of your diet entirely if you’re vigilant.

  • Processed Foods

    Processed foods such as packaged chips, cookies, fast food, and frozen dinners are full of sodium, sugar, fat, and artificial ingredients. All of those ingredients will eventually lead to failing health and dull, lackluster skin. Your skin will never look its best when your body is full of processed foods that don’t offer true nutritional value.

We choose what we nourish our bodies with every single day. Taking the time to consume the nutritious foods listed above will produce amazing results in your overall health. Not only will you feel fabulous, but your inner health will be evident through your radiant skin.

Last Updated: August 31, 2015