Close up of blued woman applying mascara to her lashes after extending the life of her mascara.

How to Extend The Life Of Your Mascara

Paying top dollar for high-quality makeup is often the surest way to get flawless results. Certain products, however, can dry out and become unusable well before their time. This is especially true with mascara, which tends to dry out and clump up after just a few weeks of regular use. Learning how to extend the life of your mascara is the best way to get your money’s worth. Rather than getting large clumps of product stuck to your lashes and struggling to get an even application after two weeks, you can enjoy quality mascara for extended periods of time.

Select Mascara That Has A Very Thin Application Wand

One of the best ways to keep your mascara fresh and easy to apply is by choosing a product that comes with a thin application wand. This ensures that the opening to the product will be narrow and thus, less air will get in each time you dip your brush. Excess air is what dries mascara out and this is why formulas with larger wands and larger openings tend to thicken and develop clumps quickly.

Stop Pumping the Application Wand

Many women think that vigorously pumping the application wand into the tube will help them achieve fuller and more even coverage. When in fact, it’s actually introducing large amounts of air into the container and making the product thicken. Instead of pumping the wand, partially insert it into the container and then twist it back and forth in order to coat all of the bristles. This will provide better coverage without introducing drying out the mascara.

Add Saline Solution

After mascara has started to dry out, there are a few strategies that you can use to save it. Simply add a few drops of saline solution in order to thin it back out and eliminate clumps. Avoid adding too much liquid as this will make the product easier to smudge once it has been applied. Two to three drops of a high-quality saline solution should suffice. You can then twist and pump the wand several times in order to evenly mix everything together.

It is important to only use sterile solutions when thinning old mascara out. Regular tap water can increase the risk of eye infection by introducing bacteria to the lashes. Additionally, saline solution often comes with its own dropper, making it much easier to measure the amount of liquid that you're adding.

Avoid Sharing Your Mascara With Friends

There are certain things that are and should remain entirely for personal use. Mascara is definitely one of them. Sharing your eye products can lead to a range of problems including eye infections like pink eye. Sharing your mascara with friends also means the product will be used up sooner than it would be if you were the sole user. In order to keep your mascara in a usable condition, make sure to keep it reserved for your lashes only.

Last Updated: July 10, 2015