I'm Ignoring the 'Thighbrow,' and You Should Too.

You might have noticed the internet is ablaze with a new body trend called “thighbrows,” thanks in part to the Kardashians. If not, here’s the rundown: A thighbrow is the crease that appears at the junction of your thigh and hip when you’re sitting.

The Kardashian Klan has shared an abundance of images showing off these creases via risqué swimsuit shots (see below). It’s a more inclusive body trend, but that’s because it’s anatomically unavoidable. The human body is made of joints, so yeah, there’s going to be a crease there no matter what your size is.


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I’m all about being inclusive of all body types, but I have some major issues with this new fad (and every single other body fad out there). First of all it’s a fad, and it will fade into oblivion just like all other body trends in the past. It might be super cool to flaunt your thighbrow with skimpy swimsuits on your Instagram right now, but sooner or later something else will come along and make you feel like you need to change your body to fit in with that trend. This isn’t a healthy pattern.

Then there’s the issue that a thighbrow isn’t a reflection of actual health. Everybody will have a crease at the top of the thigh when sitting, and it’s not a testament to your weight, health, strength, or happiness. You can weigh 180 pounds and have a thighbrow just as easily as a 120-pound individual can have one. Just like the "thigh gap" and "bikini bridge" body fads, the thighbrow doesn’t actually mean anything about your health. It’s simply a matter of body construction and what angle you take with your camera.

All of this is to say that if you want to truly be healthy and aware of your body’s condition, don’t worry about having the deepest thighbrow. Focus on how you feel, what you eat, and whether you’re thirsty. Do you feel energized throughout the day? Does a certain food make you feel bloated and sluggish? Do you feel strong, beautiful, and alive? These are the health issues you should be thinking about. Please, don’t become caught up in fitting into a certain shape. The shape and appearance of your body is nowhere near as important as the way you feel in your body every day. Pay attention to that, and I promise you’ll be much happier.