Pregnant woman showing of her maternity wardrobe

Maternity Wear 101

It can be difficult to decide where to begin when building your maternity wardrobe. It needs to transition through multiple seasons and grow with your expanding belly. You’ll also be wearing some of your maternity clothing after the baby is born. Here are some simple tips to building an adorable (and comfortable) maternity wardrobe.

All Hail the Bellyband

One of the first things many women buy is a bellyband. A bellyband is a stretchy piece of material that goes over the top of your pants so that they will stay up without being buttoned or zipped. This will give you more wear out of your non maternity pants and it makes a great layering piece in case shirts start getting a little short.

Comfortable Pants

When you are ready to upgrade to maternity jeans it’s important to visit a retailer and try on different styles. There are full, mid, and demi panel options and you want to make sure you purchase what is most comfortable to you. When buying maternity jeans, a dark wash is recommended so that you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

Leggings are another great option. Leggings typically have a lot of stretch so their perfect for pregnancy. They can be worn under embellished tunics, long cardigans, and dresses.

Clothes that Grow with You

Tunics and dresses are great for keeping the belly covered as you progress through pregnancy. Always look for tops with extra length to make sure they will fit throughout your pregnancy. Long tanks and camisoles are great base layera for any outfit and they give you better coverage. Don’t forget about comfy cotton maternity t-shirts too. They are perfect for an easy cute look and can be layered with sweaters and cardigans.


Comfortable and stylish shoes are a must. Some women experience swelling feet during pregnancy, so don’t be shocked if you have to go up a half size or more. If you have a job in which you are on your feet, it would be a good idea to invest in comfortable insoles to help keep your feet from aching at the end of the day. You don’t have to shy away from heels for nine months, but you might want to stick with stable wedges and chunky heels and ditch the wobbly stilettos.

Last Updated: September 30, 2014