A capsule wardrobe for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Fashion: Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are one of the greatest new ideas in the minimalist fashion world right now, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re especially great for traveling, such as on a Memorial Day weekend trip, because you can create endless outfits from just a few different, versatile pieces. Downsizing your packing list will not only save you from overstuffing your suitcase, but will also make choosing outfits much easier since every tank, tee, necklace, and bottom will match one another. Then, instead of spending a lot of time trying to piece together an outfit each day, you can spend more time with family or have an extra thirty minutes to bike that trail you’ve been eyeing.

Consider your trip activities.

If you’re going on a small trip with family or friends, you’ll need enough clothes for three or four days. The items you should include in your capsule will depend on what kind of trip you are taking. Going to the lake? Camping? Getting together at a family member’s house? Memorial Day is when the weather is finally warm enough to start swimming and lazing by the pool or lake in your favorite bathing suit, so you will probably want to incorporate swimwear into your capsule wardrobe if starting on your summer tan is a big part of your Memorial Weekend agenda.

Plan your outfits together.

Some of the basic essentials you will need for any Memorial Day trip include:

  • denim cutoffs
  • a neutral tank top
  • sandals
  • tennis shoes
  • a bathing suit
  • a crop top
  • a v-neck tee
  • palazzo or linen pants,

Plus a few accessories, like:

  • a pair of crystal stud earrings 
  • a simple silver chain and pendant
  • one statement necklace
  • a sun hat.

It's a smart idea is to stick to a cohesive color palette in your capsule wardrobe because that will make it easier to mix and match. Some ideas include: red, white, and blue (a classic, especially now that the season to wear white is upon us!), white, black, and beige (classy and demure), or white, tan, and olive green (perfect for the outdoors).

Look stylish while on the go.

Now that you have all of your clothes together, it’s time to figure out how to match them! For a day of chilling with family and friends, you can pair your palazzo or linen pants with a cute crop top, a simple necklace, earrings, sun hat, and sandals. Headed to the lake? Throw on a pair of cutoffs and a tank top over your bathing suit. After you are done swimming, you can swap out the shorts for some pants once the weather cools down a bit. Going hiking? Wear your cutoffs, a v-neck tee or tank top, and a pair of tennis shoes, such as Converse, and you’ll be kept cool and fashionable all day long. You can also put together your v-neck tee with the palazzo pants or cutoffs and add a statement necklace and some sandals for a casual look.

Last Updated: May 22, 2015