Young woman modeling music festival fashion

Music Festival Fashion: Look Cool in the Heat

Music festival season has already begun, and (at least for girls) the fashion is one of the most exciting aspects of this time of year. Can’t you just picture lounging on the grass with your beau or best friends, your favorite band playing in the distance, and you’re looking as fashionable as can be in your 70s-inspired summer wear? It can be an incredibly easy reality with these few tips and will make for an exciting shopping trip to find the perfect wardrobe for all your festival needs. 

Boho is Best

“Boho Chic” is definitely the most popular style reflected at the major music festivals, such as Coachella and Lollapalooza. This style emphasizes bohemian and hippie fashion with lots of fringe, vintage prints, and free-flowing clothing. The staples you’ll need to pull off this look include: a fedora, fringe crop top, vintage high-waisted shorts, cat-eye sunglasses, bangles, booties, and versatile sandals. Most boho clothing items are in muted earth tones, like green, beige, brown, and black, but don’t be afraid to incorporate some more bold colors, like pink, red, orange, and blue. 

Keep it Cool

You’ll probably be outdoors for the majority of the music festival, enduring blazing hot temperatures, so your outfits should be light and airy to prevent you from overheating. Choose loose-fitting clothing items, such as a flowy crop top or maxi skirt. Another great accessory to always have on hand is a cute hat, like a fedora. It will keep the sun off your face while also adding a touch of flair to your outfit. If you want a little more protection from the sun, layer a lace kimono over your outfit to keep you comfortable and not looking like a lobster by the end of day one.

Let Out Your Wild Side

At school or at the office, there are rules and expectations for how you should dress every day. Yet, once you step through the gates at a music festival, all of those rules go out the door! Express yourself in any way you feel comfortable. If you want to wear backless shirts and denim cutoffs or strut your stuff in your bathing suit and coverup the whole time, no one is going to stop you. This also means you have the freedom to wear your craziest accessories, like that massive statement necklace that you’ve been too timid to wear to work. You can also repurpose some of those necklaces as belts for a unique look.

Mix and Match

You won’t want to be bogged down with a giant suitcase filled with all kinds of different outfits when all you want to do at the festival is relax. Instead, plan your outfits beforehand so that each piece matches with several other pieces. For example, your graphic tank can be paired with a maxi skirt, headband, and booties, or you can use it as a simple cover-up over your bathing suit. A fringed vest is another great, versatile piece that can be thrown over a simple crop top or floral sundress, and you’ll have an effortless boho look.

Last Updated: June 12, 2015