Woman modeling her outfit and sunglasses.

Sunglasses: The Secret to Making or Breaking Your Outfit

Picture this: you see a woman walking down the street, wearing a faux suede skirt, booties, and a cropped sweater. She looks straight out of a Pinterest photo, right? But then she gets closer and you see that she’s wearing a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses and the perfect illusion is shattered. Okay, most interactions won’t be that dramatic, but when we say that your choice of sunglasses can really make or break your entire outfit, we mean it. 

Your sunglasses are front and center.

They say that a necklace completes your outfit like lipstick completes your face, but we’re going to modify that a little bit. Lipstick can do wonders for adding color to your face, but nothing showcases your sense of style quite like a pair of sunnies. If you choose a great pair, like cat eyes sunglasses, vintage sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, or round lens sunglasses, you can choose other simple accessories (or none at all) and you’ll be good to go. Even while your sunglasses aren’t on your face, they’ll likely be hanging on your shirt or on the top of your head, so they’ll always be visible to onlookers. With just one glimpse of your sunglasses, someone can determine your sense of style, so be sure to choose a pair that reflects you who are as a fashionista.

You need to have a few options.

You may have a single pair of women’s sunglasses with round lenses that you absolutely adore, but are you going to wear those on days when a pair of cat eye sunglasses would look so much better with your little black dress and top knot? Or when nothing but a pair of aviators will do the trick to finish off your cropped jeans, striped shirt, and army green vest ensemble? You don’t have to buy several pairs of expensive sunglasses, but it’s never a bad idea to have a few different, inexpensive styles on hand so you can match each of them with specific outfits. Your outfits look best with varying kinds of accessories, so a pair of the same sunglasses won’t have the same effect with flannel & leather leggings as they would have with a colorblocked sweater dress. 

Choose styles most flattering.

We’re not saying that a good pair of sunglasses won’t work for multiple outfits, but you wouldn’t wear the exact same statement necklace with every outfit, right? Sunglasses should be thought of the same way. Even more than that, you need to avoid unflattering sunglasses completely, such as those with color-changing lenses or fluorescent plastic frames, because those styles will not match any of the chic attire in your closet. You wouldn’t fix your hair and makeup only to throw on a pair of sweats, right? So, you shouldn’t put that much care into your clothing and neglect the accessory that will help you put your best face forward the most: sunglasses. 

Last Updated: September 02, 2015