The 30 Most Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time

The 30 Most Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time. Celebrities aren't afraid to make bold statements, and those statements aren’t limited to their clothes or what they say. Some celebrities keep their look the same for many years, while others are constantly changing it up to keep up with trends and changing fanbases. They love switching up their 'dos as often as they switch up their shoes. Behind every iconic celebrity is an equally iconic hairstyle (just ask Jennifer Aniston).

Some celebrities change their hair like they change clothes, and why not? When you have the time and money there’s nothing wrong with looking like a new person every day. Other celebrities know the importance of keeping the same image if that’s what people know you for. For example, Marilyn Monroe was rarely seen without her iconic ice-blonde curls. Could you imagine Marilyn Monroe with long, jet-black hair like Cher?

Our favorite celebrities have been known for their iconic looks in one way or another. Prince was a purple-suited metrosexual god, Lady Gaga is famous for her campy and over-the-top looks, and Marilyn Manson is instantly recognizable for his scary, goth appearance.

Hairdos are just the beginning of what makes these celebrities well-remembered, but they can be the most important part of any celebrity’s image. It might not seem like it, but hair can make or break the classic look of any celebrity. From pixie cuts to bowl cuts, these are 30 of the most iconic celebrity hairstyles of all time. Which one is your favorite?

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