The 5-Minute Makeup Routine

When you’re busy, you need a quick, easy makeup routine so you can make it to class or work on time. Your makeup routine shouldn't be complex, it just needs to accentuate your beauty. Here are the simple basics you need to achieve a professional, natural look.

  1. Foundation and Sunscreen

    Pour both sunscreen and foundation into the palm of your hand and mix together with one or two fingers. Dip your fingers into the mixture and dab it on your face just as you do your moisturizer. Gently massage it into your skin, extending to your hairline and underneath your chin and jaw line. Make sure that both your sunscreen and foundation are of a similar consistency so they blend easily.

  2. Blush

    You need a touch of blush for a healthy glow. Apply some blush to your brush. Smile into the mirror and apply the blush to the rounded areas of your cheeks. Quickly blend the blush toward, but not into, your hairline, then reverse the direction of the brush back toward your nose. As you bring it back, swirl the brush to blend the blush in. This will give you natural looking color.

  3. Concealer

    Gently sweep concealer along the bone just under your eyes. Using your fingertips, mix and blend the concealer into your skin, hiding any dark circles you may have.

  4. Eye Shadow

    If you have time to add some eye shadow, brush on an eye shadow using an eye shadow sponge or makeup brush. Work from the area just above your eyelashes, using colors that complement your skin tone. Using a brush, blend the shadows in well.

    Create the illusion of alert, open eyes by using a white, shimmery eye shadow. Beginning with the inner corner of your eye, dot the eye shadow going up to just under the arch of your eyebrows. Gently blend it in.

  5. Eyeliner

    The ideal eyeliner is a waxy crayon-style stick. Begin by brushing tiny strokes to the outer corner of your eye. Use dark-brown eyeliner for light to medium skin tones and purple or black eyeliner for darker skin tones.

  6. Eyelash Curler

    This tip is essential. By curling your upper lashes, your eyes appear more open. Curled lashes also look longer than non-curled lashes.

    To curl your eyelashes, position the curler so your eyelashes are in between the bottom and upper pads of the curler. Press them together gently and hold them for five to 10 seconds. Repeat on the other eye.

  7. Mascara

    Hold your mascara brush against the roots of your upper eyelashes and stroke upward. You can apply as many coats of mascara as you want to achieve your desired look. Two coats quickly create a full lash look. Repeat on the lashes of your other eye and gently brush a light layer on your lower lashes.