The Procrastinator's Guide to Swimsuit Season

It’s warm outside, and you know what that means. It’s already summer. Time to get ice cream, pull out the tank tops, and go swimming. Wait, wait, wait. You already have the ice cream – check. Plus, the tank tops are ready to wear. Great! One thing is missing: a swimsuit. Fantastic. Buying a swimsuit is one of those things that nearly no one likes. It’s an annoying chore that’s easy to put off and put off until the very last minute. Then you have to rush to the store and get one the day before you go to the beach, pool, or lake.

Don’t panic! We’re also fellow procrastinators, and we know exactly how easy it is to put off getting a bathing suit until it’s time to go. There may not be anything in your size, and if there is, it’s likely to be something that is utterly hideous that no one wanted. No, no, no! Put that out of your mind. You can find the perfect suit for you and look like a social media model in no time!

Before you begin to seriously get in a foul mood about having to go shopping, read our tips about finding the perfect bathing suit for you. They’ll help get you in and out and on with your life. You can’t skip the middle man (buying the suit), but we’re sure that our 10 tips can help make it less painful and have you swimming in no time. Hope you enjoy!

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