The Purse Essentials Every Woman Should Carry

As trendy as a little clutch can be, your purse isn’t there to complete your outfit – well, not just to complete your outfit. We’re totally down for matching your bag to your clothing or buying one that can go with everything. We prefer the latter since we're all about making things easy, but purses can be so much more.

Rather than only being a fashion accessory, it’s also there to hold everything you need on a daily basis.  That’s precisely why all women’s purses are extremely heavy. You may never know when you need something, so it’s best to throw it in your bag and carry it with you. Well, it’s also heavy because most of us carry dozens of receipts at the bottom that we’ve meant to clean out for ages. One day we’ll get there.

You may not need that receipt from your local coffee shop for a latte you purchased three months ago, but there are some things you should definitely stash in your purse. Have you ever gone out and realized you forgot something essential?  We’ve all been there. Thankfully, we’ve narrowed down the list down to 25 things that you should throw in your bag just in case.

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