a woman caresses her own airbrushed face

The Truth About Airbrush Makeup

Applying makeup can be a time-consuming activity women have to deal with daily. Yet while it's considered a daily ritual, many of are wanting a quicker, easier way to apply makeup that still looks attractive. Airbrush makeup, once thought to be a process used only by movie stars, has now been made available to the masses. However, as with any new product or procedure, there are certain beliefs and myths about airbrush makeup that may be giving prospective users reason to pause.

Myth 1: Stickiness and Smearing

The first myth is that airbrush makeup is messy and wet, often feeling sticky or like it is running down your face. In fact, it's just the opposite. Not only does airbrush makeup not have any runny applications or liquid smearing, but it sets on contact and can last up to 18 hours. Since it doesn't use any sponges or brushes, there's little chance of any harmful bacteria being transferred to your skin.

Myth 2: Cumbersome

Another myth is the compressor used to apply the makeup is very large and heavy. Thankfully, it's anything but that. Made to be extremely small and lightweight, the compressor weighs only about one pound and is two inches tall. It's not only easy to store in your bathroom, but also easily fits into your travel bag when you've got a weekend trip planned.

Myth 3: Time Consuming

One of the biggest myths about airbrush makeup is it's very hard to master and takes lots of time to apply. While most pros admit it will take a little time to perfect, they emphasize most people learn how to apply the makeup after only two or three tries. Beginners usually take 10-15 minutes on their first try, but they are often able to trim their time down to less than five minutes after practice. Most airbrush makeup kits also come with a distance guide, helping you learn just how far away to hold the compressor when in use.

Myth 4: Caked-On

When airbrush makeup first hit the shelves, many early users complained their makeup looked caked on. After some improvements, it's virtually impossible to mess up an application. Airbrush makeup is water-resistant and water-based, while also being silicon-free and oil-free as well. Made to give a flawless finish and blend easily to help conceal the slightest of imperfections, it allows you to spray very light layers until you have the exact look you desire.

Now That You Know the Facts

If you've been wondering if airbrush makeup is for you, proving that the myths don't match the facts should help put your mind at ease. Like anything new, it will take you some time and practice to perfect, but once you do, you'll be hooked on the technique and wonder why you waited so long to give it a try. While airbrush makeup has been used by starlets for some time, it's now your turn to turn some heads walking down the red carpet.

Last Updated: June 11, 2015