Make up samples from an Ipsy glam bag.

Why I Love Ipsy

Being a girl can be rough. Just kidding – being a girl is awesome because you get to experiment with makeup and beauty products 24/7. And thanks to subscription box services like Ipsy, it’s easier than ever to look and feel fabulous. So what is Ipsy, exactly? It’s the best thing ever a subscription service that sends you monthly “Glam Bags” filled with a variety of makeup and skincare products. At just $10 a month, you get five high-end products from a mix of brands you know and love, as well as brands you’ve never heard of. This leads me to the many things I love about Ipsy…

Low Price + High-Quality Products

One of the things I love most about Ipsy is that it introduces you to brands and products you’ve never heard of and would never even think to purchase. Plus, the low price for such high-quality products just blows my mind. Some items are sample sizes, but a lot of them are the real deal. For example, one month I received a 0.10 oz bottle of Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara. This same mascara is retailed at Sephora - $10 for a 0.13 oz bottle, and $20 for a 0.24 oz bottle. I got the 0.10 oz, plus four other products, for just $10. Just saying.

The Cute Bags

There are lots of beauty subscription boxes out there. What sets Ipsy apart from the rest is the cute bags they fill with beauty products. When I decided to join the crowd and sign up for a beauty box, I researched the top names – Birchbox, Freeflys, and Ipsy – and ultimately, Ipsy’s Glam Bags won me over. I’m a girl with a lot of products to pack and keep up with when I travel, so I’m always looking for cute little bags to throw my endless amounts of makeup and personal care items into. Plus, Ipsy’s Glam Bags also make great last-minute gifts (because who doesn’t love a glittery pink bag?)!

Totally Customizable

When you first sign up for Ipsy, you’re asked to take a personality quiz to find out which products you like and which products will best suit you. It’s also super easy to customize after you’ve gotten your products. Hate something you got in your Ipsy bag? Review it on Ipsy’s website and they’ll never send you a product like that one again. Love something (or everything) in your Ipsy bag? Let them know, and you’ll get more of the stuff you love! It’s that simple.

Points System

Reviewing has a dual purpose: Every time you rate a product you’ve received, or you share your Glam Bag on Facebook, you get points that can be redeemed for bonus items. Most of these products are worth 1,000-2,000 points, so it’s important to review every single item you receive each month.

Great Customer Service

One month, I noticed that I only received four products instead of the usual five. I checked the website and saw that lip gloss was left out of my bag. So I simply emailed ipsyCare about the problem and heard back within minutes. They apologized and shipped me the missing product, no questions asked. A few days later, my lip gloss arrived and all was well. Great customer service = happy customers. Always.

Christmas Comes Once a Month

You know you’re an online shopaholic when you order things purely for the excitement you get with each package delivered to your door. Being an Ipsy subscriber is like experiencing Christmas morning once a month. You know it’s coming, you find yourself counting down the days, and then it arrives, and you can rip open the box and finally find out what’s inside…Merry Ipsy!

Last Updated: August 26, 2015