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10 Actors Who Almost Died During Filming

1. Johnny Depp

As if starring in The Lone Ranger wasn’t enough of a disaster, Johnny Depp nearly kicked the bucket on the set. When his saddle slipped, Depp was thrown in front of his horse whose hooves came dangerously close to trampling the actor’s head.

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2. Jason Statham

While filming The Expendables 3, the brakes on Jason Statham’s truck failed, causing him to drive into the Black Sea. An experienced diver, the actor was able to escape the vehicle and swim to shore. 

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3. Tom Cruise

While filming The Last Samurai, a mechanical horse malfunction led to the actor being thrown toward another performer. Cruise missed being stabbed by his co-star’s sword by inches! In a later scene, it was estimated that Cruise could have been seriously injured 70 times while fighting four other men. 

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4. Isla Fisher

When an actor is supposed to be in danger, accidents are bound to happen. During a scene in which she is immersed in a tank of water in Now You See Me, Isla Fisher was unable to escape. Cast and crew thought that her cries for help were part of the act. Luckily, she was able to make it out in time.

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5. Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul’s character in Breaking Bad was initially scripted to die in the first season. In a stunt that involved a boulder falling from the roof of a vehicle, Paul narrowly avoided being crushed.

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6. Jaimie Alexander

Newcomer Jaimie Alexander’s career was nearly cut short on the shoot for Thor: The Dark World.  Alexander slipped a spinal disc, tore a rhomboid muscle, chipped 11 vertebrae, and dislocated her shoulder when she slipped and fell down a flight of stairs.

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7. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is known for doing his own stunts, but sometimes they go south. When filming Armour of God, he fell more than 16 feet out of a tree. Chan needed emergency surgery to remove a piece of his skull that was embedded in his brain.

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8. Tom Hanks

When a seemingly minor cut quickly became infected, Tom Hanks had to be hospitalized for fear that the infection may turn poisonous. As a result, filming was pushed back for nearly a month.

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9. Kate Winslet

Remember the scene in Titanic where Jack and Rose scramble desperately to keep from being trapped in the sinking ship? Well, Kate Winslet's coat got stuck on the elevator as the room filled with water, and she nearly drowned.

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10. Michael J. Fox

The Back to the Future trilogy attempted some incredible practical stunts, but one nearly turned deadly in the final movie. During a scene in which Marty (Fox) is being hung by outlaws, the actor actually was suffocating to the point where he lost consciousness.

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