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10 Beloved Celebrities Who Have Been Homeless

1. Hilary Swank

After her parents divorced when she was 13-years-old, Hilary Swank and her mother made the decision to move to Los Angeles so that Swank could follow her dreams of acting. Before they were able to afford an apartment, they lived out of a car and booked acting auditions from payphones.

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2. Steve Harvey

It’s hard to believe, but Steve Harvey was once a struggling standup comic. During his early 30s, Harvey lived out of his 1976 Ford Tempo. He is now a symbol of success later in life.

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3. Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s mother disapproved of her acting career and refused to support her. So, by age 21, Berry was living in a homeless shelter in New York City.

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4. Jewel

Jewel knew she had something special long before anyone else was able to see it. Before she was topping the Billboard charts, she traveled around the country, living in her van and playing gigs wherever she could find them.

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5. Jim Carrey

When he was 16, Jim Carrey dropped out of school to look after his mentally ill mother. After his father lost his job, the family was forced out of their apartment and had to live out of a VW van. 

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6. David Letterman

After he avoided being shipped off to serve in Vietnam, David Letterman briefly held a job as a weatherman. When he decided to move to Hollywood to make it big, he had to live out of his 1973 Chevy pickup truck before catching his big break as a joke writer for Jimmy Walker.

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7. Chris Pratt

Before he was a massive movie star, Chris Pratt was homeless, living out of a van near a beach in Hawaii. It is probably due to his humble beginnings that he has never let the fame get to his head.

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8. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone couldn’t afford to stay in his apartment, and when he was evicted, he found himself sleeping on benches at the New York City Port Authority bus station. It was then that he saw a casting call forThe Party at Kitty and Stud’s, a softcore porn film that paid him $200 and helped him get back on his feet.

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9. Drew Carey

When he was 18, Drew Carey was homeless in Las Vegas trying to make his way to Hollywood. He has publicly spoken about having to sell plasma and pick up loose change on the ground in order to eat.

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10. Kurt Cobain

Before he hit it big, Kurt Cobain was out on the street in Aberdeen, WA. There, he lived underneath a bridge and slept in hospital waiting rooms. Cobain chronicled part of his experience in the song, “Something in the Way.”

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