A bow and arrow from a hunger games costume

10 Best Costumes From the Hunger Games Movies

The costumers for the Hunger Games movies have gone above and beyond when it comes to realistically portraying all of these unique characters. From the Capitol’s extravagant outfits to District 12’s shabby garb, they nailed it all. Amongst all of these superb costumes, there are still a few that stand out above the rest.

  1. Katniss’ Wedding Dress.
    First and foremost is the breathtaking white gown that Cinna designs for Katniss before the Quarter Quell. From the gorgeous, billowy skirt to the silver extensions that rise above her shoulders, how could you ever top this dress?
  2. Katniss’ Mockingjay Dress.
    The Mockingjay dress that Katniss’ wedding dress transforms into is so phenomenal that it deserves to have its own acknowledgement. The slimming bodice and powerful wings exemplify the Mockingjay perfectly.
  3. Katniss’ Arena Outfit.
    Katniss’ outfit in the arena is iconic. Even though it is simple, with cargo pants, combat boots, and a waterproof jacket, it is powerful and memorable. Don’t forget the quiver of arrows and the side braid!
  4. Katniss’ Victory Tour Dress.
    During the tour itself, Katniss’ outfits are fairly simple, but when she arrives at President Snow’s mansion, she dons a jaw-dropping gown. The sheer black material perfectly complements the detailed neckline and red, accentuated shoulders.
  5. Effie’s Monarch Costume.
    Effie is the queen of elaborate attire, and her monarch butterfly outfit is one of her best. Every inch of her dress is covered in butterflies, and there are even small, orange butterflies attached to her enormous hair!
  6. Effie’s Magenta Costume.
    Probably Effie’s most recognizable outfit is the one she wears to the first reaping.  She dons an exquisite magenta skirt with a poofy magenta blazer over it, and tops it off with a large rose in her hair.
  7. Peeta’s White Suit.
    Don’t forget about the men when it comes to great costumes. Peeta’s white suit in Catching Fire is simply striking. The all-white ensemble is a nice change from his typical clothing.
  8. Katniss’ and Peeta’s Fiery Costumes.
    When they are in the parade, Katniss and Peeta’s outfits that catch on fire are mesmerizing. Katniss’ sleek black dress and Peeta’s sleeveless shirt are already eye-catching, but when Katniss presses that button, they come alive.
  9. Finnick’s Trident Costume.
    Who can get enough of Finnick Odair? Especially when he’s bare-chested and carrying a trident. Our first introduction to this handsome man is an unforgettable one.
  10. Glimmer’s Parade Costume.
    Another standout from the parade in the first movie is Glimmer. Her name is definitely appropriate for her flashy, fuchsia costume and feathered headdress.
Last Updated: November 20, 2014