10 Best NCAA Men's Basketball Championships in History

10 Best NCAA Men's Basketball Championships in History. Did you know the term "March Madness" was born in Illinois? It grew from a 1908 Illinois high school tournament to a statewide institution. By the late 1930s, over 900 schools were competing. "March Madness" started in 1973, when the IHSA began using the term officially in its programs and on merchandise. The first 'official' NCAA Men's Basketball Championship was awarded to the University of Oregon when they defeated the Ohio State University 46-33 on March 27, 1939. UCLA has won 11 NCAA men's basketball championships, the most of any school. Kentucky is in second place with eight titles, followed by North Carolina is next with six. In the 80 years since the tournament's inception, 35 different teams have won a championship.

The 2019 NCAA Final Four was played at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on April 8th, between the Virginia Cavaliers and the number one defense in the nation, Texas Tech. Virginia wrote one of the most memorable and uplifting redemption stories American sports has ever seen. On Monday night, Virginia coach Tony Bennett, humbly seated on his stool and dropped his head in blissful victory as the Virginia Cavaliers completed the greatest redemption comeback in college hoops history. Virginia's 85-77 overtime triumph against Texas Tech was undeniably epic and historic. That being said, it isn't the only historic game out there.

Throughout the history of the tournament, there have been fantastic performances with massive drama. From last-second shots to late game mistakes, these 10 NCAA tournament title games have produced plenty of memorable moments. 

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