10 Christmas Movie Villains More Evil Than Krampus

10 Christmas Movie Villains More Evil Than Krampus. Over the years, Krampus has had a pretty bad rap. Movies have been made about this all-time-favorite, infamous villain of Christmas, but we’re here to say that he isn’t as bad as everyone makes him out to be when you compare him to other guys. Sure, he’s half-goat, half-human. Not a great combination, but you can’t blame a guy for how he was born. Then you have the whole beating kids with birch branches or hauling them off in a sack. Overall, those aren’t great, but the kids had misbehaved—not that he should react that way to a kid who was a little snot all year.

At the end of the day, Krampus is the worst one out there. Some may even think that Krampus is doing the world a favor because the kids were bad. On the other hand, some movie villains are a lot worse because they pray on innocent children. Some of the children were even good! What really makes a villain evil? We think that the villains that attack innocent kids, who were good most of the year (if not all), are the real baddies.

Not that we’re trying to defend Krampus, but other villains deserve to be higher on the “evil” scale. From Home Alone to Santa Clause, these are 10 Christmas movie villains that are far more evil than Krampus can be. In all honesty, Krampus may even aspire to be like some of these ultra-bad characters.

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