10 Classic Movies that Fueled Our Teenage Rebellion

Being a teenager is rough, right? You’re trying to fit in at school, and you’re sick of your parents telling you what to do every morning, every day, and every night. It’s no wonder that teenagers look for comfort nearly anywhere. Many of them find inspiration and support through films, but not just any films – films specifically about teenagers. They show the style and ideology to fuel their rebellion and to show them that being different is alright. The movies may also answer questions that they may have about life, so thank goodness they exist.

Now, there are a ton of crappy teenage movies on the market. For women, it’s all about characters that are ditzy, usually blonde, and loooooove shopping. Yeah, maybe we do love buying a new outfit, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing on our minds! For boys, it’s usually about being rough and tumble – often sports is involved.

However, for every crappy, teen movie out there that’s more than deserving of a Razzie Award, there are great ones that we thrived on as kids. These are the 10 films that perfectly captured angst, adventure, and ambivalence toward authority in a way that no other movie could accomplish during our teenage years.

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