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10 Documentaries That Are More Rage-Worthy Than 'Making a Murderer'

'Crazy Love'

After watching this domumentary, your love life might not seem so bad. Burt Pugach was so obsessed with Linda Riss that he left his wife for her, but she didn’t feel the same attachment. After Riss became engaged to another man, Pugach hired men to throw lye in her eyes, permanently blinding her. The strangest part is that the two later married.

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In short, Zoo is about a man who engages in "adult congress" with a horse, resulting in his death. The title is an abbreviation of the term “zoophilia,” which is a conditioned defined by a sexual attraction to animals. What follows is a look into the depths of dangerous and depraved fetishes. You have been warned.

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'Brother’s Keeper'

Delbert Ward was an illiterate dairy farmer who was accused of murdering his brother, Bill, in the bed they shared. Delbert was clearly not mentally stable, but did he kill his brother out of malice or did he simply put him out of his misery? Brother’s Keeper chronicles their impoverished lives and the ridiculous trial that followed Bill’s death.

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This film is very polarizing. Some viewers will love its examination of conspiracy theories, while others will angrily turn it off after the first 10 minutes. Zeitgeist is an intense look at a variety of topics, from the attacks on September 11th to the ways that institutional religions have come into being.

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'Child of Rage'

This HBO-produced doc follows Beth Thomas, a young girl who suffers from Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). After being repeatedly sexually abused by her father, Thomas is unable to give or receive affection. Your heart will drop as she recounts her abuse in detail to her therapist.

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'Body Shock: The Man Who Ate His Lover'

Armin Meiwes, who has been crowned “The Rotenburg Cannibal,” sought out to find a man who he could eat. As you may have guessed by the title, he was successful. Body Shock is a view into the most terrifying aspects of humanity, as you see both the man who could conceive this idea and his willing victim.

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'Kill Me If You Can'

You probably won’t be able to believe this one when you first see it. When two friends became regularly active on an Internet chat room, they found a woman who asked them to take part in a series of disturbing tasks. The madness eventually spirals into murder.

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'The Cove'

Animal lovers and anyone who’s squeamish at the sight of blood may need to skip this one. The Cove  covers the chilling topic of dolphin hunting in Japan. The creatures are driven into coves and then brutally slaughtered. Watching this film will get you angry about an atrocity that continues to happen.

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'Jesus Camp'

This is Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady’s horrifying look at one organization’s attempts to indoctrinate children with a violent and repulsive view of Christianity. Regardless of where you fall on the religious spectrum, Jesus Camp will make your stomach turn as you see young people brainwashed into becoming soldiers in the “army of God.”

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'Life In a Day'

What makes this film so disturbing is how certain traumatizing images creep up on you. For the most part, this experimental film sees life through the eyes of many different people, but then we take an unexpected trip into the slaughterhouse. You wouldn’t see that coming just by looking at the film’s premise.

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