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10 Life Lessons We Learned From Mary Kate and Ashley Movies

10. True love is spectacular.

In It Takes Two, MK and A play Amanda, an orphan, and Alyssa, a rich girl, who do not know each other, but happen to look identical. They meet and end up switching places in each other’s lives to stop both Alyssa’s father’s wedding and Amanda’s adoption. When Amanda is asking her preferred adopter why she doesn’t have a husband, she asks, “[Love’s] got to be that can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of stuff, right?” That’s right. There are so many mediocre things in life, but love shouldn’t be one of them. 

9. Put yourself out there.

Emily and Tess, twin sisters, have tried everything to get their widower dad a girlfriend in Billboard Dad. After all of their attempts fail, they end up putting an ad about their talented father on a billboard, and lo and behold, they find a match! So, if you are scared to try online dating, blind dating, or even traditional dating, just remember that you never know who you could find, so don’t be scared to try. 

8. Sometimes it's best to keep quiet.

In Our Lips Are Sealed, twin sisters, Maddie and Abby Parker, witness a crime and are put into the Witness Protection Program with their parents. Unfortunately, neither of the girls can keep their mouths shut, so they have to be relocated to Australia as a final attempt. They get all caught up in a crime ring, and even though it works out for them, it doesn’t always work out in real life. So, keep some things to yourself for your own safety and benefit, mkay? 

7. You don't have to win everything.

We know; this goes against the title of the film (Winning London), but this movie teaches this lesson anyways. Chloe and Riley Lawrence head to London to partake in a Model UN competition and face many challenges along the way. One of our favorite quotes from the film is, “You know, sometimes, you win one thing and lose another.” It’s true! A lot of the time, winning is all about priorities. You don’t have to win everything; you just need to win what really matters to you.

6. Don't be intimidated by other girls.

In Holiday in the Sun, Madison and Alex Stewart are on vacation with their parents in the Bahamas. In between fighting over boys and enjoying the beach, the girls also get caught up in an artifact smuggling scheme. But the takeaway is that when Alex falls for a hot resort worker, she doesn’t let a wealthy, spoiled girl (played by Megan Fox), who also has a crush on him, take him away. In real life? Don’t think that just because someone is more attractive/rich/flirty/whatever than you, that the guy you both like will instantly fall for her. Just let your personality shine through and if he’s the right guy, he’ll see that. 

5. Stay organized.

Jane and Roxy Ryan, two polar opposite twins living in Long Island, set out for the Big Apple and encounter quite a few misadventures on the way in New York Minute. During one of those escapades, Jane’s day planner is taken for ransom, and after that, their whole lives go to shambles. In conclusion, keep yourself together, whether in a planner or in your head, because being a hot mess is overrated. 

4. It's okay to mess up.

Leila and Charli Hunter head to Rome for a summer internship in When in Rome and, to their dismay, end up getting fired after a few minor mishaps. Fortunately, the girls soon meet the owner of the company they got fired from and are brought back on the team. They didn’t give up after losing their jobs the first time, and it ended up working out for them (sort of). Moral of the story: don’t give up because it may take you several tries before you get what you want.

3. Don't be afraid to be yourself.

In Passport to Paris, 13 year old Melanie and Allyson Porter are sent to Paris to stay with their Grandpa, but they find a way around his strict rules so they can have the time of their lives and meet cute French boys. The girls aren’t afraid of acting like goofballs and being their silly selves in the movies, and you shouldn’t be either! No matter who you’re with (even if it’s a guy you really like), never pretend to be someone you’re not. If those people don’t love you for who you truly are, you don’t need them in your life at all.

2. It's okay to let others shine.

Two twelve-year old twins, Sam and Emma Stanton, have their own reasons for trying out for the soccer team in Switching Goals. Sam is already a great player who wants to attract boys while Emma wants to improve her skills, and they end up being on different teams. Throughout the movie, Sam learns to share the spotlight with her sister while she improves, and both of them and their dad (one of the soccer coaches) form a great bond because of it. Just because you’re great at something doesn’t mean you have to be the star all the time. Letting others be in the spotlight every once in a while can end up being beneficial for everybody! 

1. Your sister will always be there for you.

The famed Halloween movie, Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, tells the tale of two twin sisters, Kelly and Lynn Farmer, who are sick of being twins. But, once they discover the terrible fate of their aunt’s twin sister and attempt to rescue her, they realize that being a twin isn’t so bad after all. Just because you have a twin or a sister who is similar (or identical) to you, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t your own person. Your sister will be there for you no matter what, so if you’re lucky enough to have one, value her.