10 Reasons Childhood Was More Fun in the 70s

Okay, so, the ‘70s may have been a stressful time for adults, but it wasn’t all bad. There are tons of great things you can look back at and think, “yeah, that was pretty amazing.” This statement is double true if you were a kid in the ‘70s. What a time to be alive, am I right?! Being a child in the 1970s was like nothing else.

First of all, you had all the modern conveniences you could possibly need without tons of technology to clog up your day. Plus, there was the comfort that you didn’t have an overload of media that bombarded you with bad stuff that happened day-in and day-out. Let’s just say that it was a much better time. A kid could be a kid without being bogged down by life like they are now. Children overall seemed happier.

It’s no surprise that we love reminiscing, and this is the decade to do it. So, if you’d like to reflect on the days when life was simpler and the day was bright, here are 10 reasons childhood in the ‘70s was so much more fun.

From our favorite toys to the best movies, we are covering it all.

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