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10 Reasons it Should Be Illegal for Zac Efron to Wear a Shirt

1. His abs really bring out his beautiful blue eyes.

Aside from his abs, his arms, and his back dimples, Zac’s ice blue eyes are his best feature. Put them together and you have the most beautiful man on earth.

(Image via zacefronforlife_)

2. The world would be a much less beautiful place without his back dimples.

Zac and his back dimples were the only things worth watching in The Lucky One, and they definitely make the list of his five best shirtless features. God bless the back sculpted by the Gods.

(Image via zacefronnn_)

3. His abs literally won an award.

Zac promised the world that if he "beat Thor" for Best Shirtless Performance at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, he would accept the award shirtless - and boy, did he deliver. He was a bit shy when accepting, but Rita Ora helped him out by ripping his shirt off - and homegirl deserves an award just for that.

(Image via love_lovatic)

4. Shirts just get in the way.

Just look at his muscles bulging through that tight, useless shirt. They need to breathe (and so do I).

(Image via efronexclusive)

5. His abs looks really good while riding a horse.

Let’s be real. The real winner here is the horse.

(Image via zacefrongram)

6. How else could he show off his gloriously sculpted arms?

Just imagine how much bigger his strong, manly arms would look if we were getting to see his matching abs here. Covering up the octo-abs is just sinful.

(Image via zacefrongram)

7. How many of Zac Efron's abs does it take to grill a hot dog?

The limit does not exist.

(Image via Neighbors Facebook)

8. Multitasking is hard.

If it’s between Zac taking a phone call or wearing a shirt, I would much rather he take the phone call. He can’t do it all, you know. He’s just one man (with a lot of abs).

(Image via zacefronnn_)

9. Skateboards can't ride themselves.

Skateboarding and jorts wouldn't look nearly as hot without Zac's buff bod. Also, insert dirty riding joke here.

(Image via many.fandomz)

10. Zac's bod > "Dad bod."

Someone has to kill that awful trend. Might as well be Zac Efron and his abs.

(Image via zacefron)

But crop tops are acceptable.

So this isn’t his sexiest look, but at least his abs are still visible.

(Image via zacefronnn_)

Okay, time to cool off...

Or not. You're welcome.

(Image via fuckyeahzacefron)