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10 Supervillains We'd Still Grab a Beer With


Bane may be difficult to understand from time to time, but the dude is as smart as he is strong. Plus—his accent! Who couldn’t listen to that all day? Not to mention, it’d be hilarious to watch him try to drink beer through the mask.

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At times, Loki is a spoiled stepchild that didn’t get enough attention from mommy and daddy, but if you can get past that, you might actually have a really awesome guy. While he might not be the strongest villain around, he knows how to outwit even the best Marvel heroes. After several beers with him, you might find yourself getting into some deep trouble, but admit it—you’d love every second of it.

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She’s sexy, strong, and she can turn into literally anything she wants!  Can you just imagine the fun? Mystique seems like the type of person who needs a few drinks to come out of her shell, but when she does, she’s no doubt hilarious and amazing.

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Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn may have started out as a sidekick, but she stole the spotlight and landed a comic of her own. She’s got all the charisma of the Joker without his—you know, insanity. So, there’s a lower chance that Harley will attempt to kill you over cocktails. 

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Whether you love movie or comic book Ultron, you have to admit it’d be awesome to share a beer with him…if he could drink it. Wouldn’t it cause him to short circuit? He seems like he’d be a little pessimistic when drunk, but his dramatic attitude would be hilarious in the right atmosphere.

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I can already hear you crying that Catwoman is an antihero, not a supervillain. Regardless of terminology, she’s got undeniably villain-tastic ideals. Jewel thief, acrobatic expert, and temptress—Catwoman is everything you could want in a woman and then some. Share a beer and you might be able to crack open all the secrets she’s held so long about Batman and her life.

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By far one of the best supervillains in all of comic history, Magneto causes everyone to be sympathetic toward him. He’s smart, charming, strong, and I’m pretty sure he’d mock Charles for choosing a hipster beer over a classic German brand. Knock ‘em back, Magneto!

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This master assassin is right near the top my beer-sharing list. Instead of asking why you’d want such a dangerous guy near you, think about what he can do—all the bar tips and tricks you can learn, and you may even be able to shake money out of other drunk guys thanks to him. Plus, no one hits a bull’s-eye better than Deathstroke. Grab the darts and let’s go!

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I have a theory that Bizarro’s backward speech would turn forward while drunk, plus, he’d scare the crap out of the bartender and get free drinks all night—nothing is better than free drinks. Then, when all is said and done, he can fly you home. No need to pay for a taxi with this supervillain.

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Black Adam

This guy is 1000 years old. If that isn’t enough to make him one of the top dudes to share a beer with, something is seriously wrong with your criteria. He hails from ancient Egypt and knows more about history than anyone in the world. Black Adam becomes even sweeter when you realize he’s a hero gone bad—terribly, terribly bad. 

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