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10 Things Your Horoscope Shouldn’t Control

Some people live and die by what their horoscopes say, but even if you’re a believer, there are some things your horoscope shouldn’t influence. If you’re the type to take every word of it as gospel, here are 10 things your horoscope shouldn’t control.

  1. How you feel
    It seems like horoscopes know all about how we feel. Today we’re feeling gloomy or creative, so we should do this or that. Don’t let it tell you how you feel. By putting a horoscope in control of how you feel, you can lose track of who you are and what path to take in decision making. Additionally, don’t let it affect your feelings by being nervous about love or money.
  2. How others feel about you
    Horoscopes infamously tell us what other people think about us, and believing what they say is a mistake. We’re all individuals, and we all have different behaviors and take different actions, so it’s impossible for a horoscope to tell you what a person thinks about you. Never let a horoscope dictate what you believe others think of you.
  3. How to spend your money
    Never take advice from a horoscope on how to spend your money. Don’t listen when it tells you “Money is coming soon.” This statement may or may not be true depending on many factors. Always spend wisely unless you’re 100% sure you’re getting paid or receiving money soon.
  4. Who you should marry
    Marriage is a serious act, and a horoscope should never tell you who you should marry. After all, you’re with this person for the rest of your life (hopefully). The horoscope doesn’t know anything about your spouse. Don’t marry a Taurus just because it tells you or avoid a Sagittarius because your signs don’t mix
  5. If you’ll get sick soon
    Nothing can anticipate whether or not you’ll get sick—that is, unless you’ve been around an ill person. Getting the idea that you may get sick could make your mind think you’re sick despite no signs of illness. If you feel well, you’ll be well. If you think you’re ill, you’ll become ill.
  6. What to do at work
    Not every job is the same, and your horoscope doesn’t know what you do for a living. For example, my horoscope told me I was feeling creative, so I should doodle. What if I was a truck driver or worked with heavy machinery? Doodling won’t help either of those professions, and you very well may get in trouble at work if you are caught doing something you shouldn’t.
  7. What you should do in the future
    Horoscopes are intentionally vague so you can pull what information you want from the blurbs. If your horoscope tells you to forgive someone, go ahead. However, if it tells you to do something that is against your better judgment, stop before you even start. Your horoscope cannot tell what is to come. Nothing can tell the future.
  8. How to save your money
    Saving money is challenging, and you need to put your money in the proper places. Don’t listen to any horoscope that tells you how to save your money. Putting it in a savings account may seem like a good idea, but playing the stock market? Don’t participate in the stock market unless you know what you’re doing. 
  9. What kind of person you are
    I’m sure everyone has read a horoscope that told us we were vindictive or that we hold grudges. These horoscopes aren’t the best to read, and they can bum us out, but remember that they can’t tell us who we are. Only you know who you are, and a horoscope has no idea if you’re rude, blunt, boorish, or a perfectly pleasant person. 
  10. How to be happy
    Horoscopes seem to have that secret answer we’re all looking for—how to be happy. While they may have some “tips” on how to increase happiness in your life, only you know how to be truly happy. Maybe it’s as easy as taking a different outlook on your life? 
Last Updated: March 02, 2016