Computer monitor with screensaver

10 Websites to Find Stunning Screensavers and Desktop Backgrounds

Most computers allow you to make countless customizations to anything from the icons to the desktop background. With all of these options, you should never have a dull screensaver or background. Now the internet offers stunning, high-quality screensavers and desktop backgrounds that will please anyone. Here are 10 websites where you can find these beautiful screensavers and backgrounds.

  1. VladStudio
    This website has some of the most beautiful desktop backgrounds on the market. It offers high-quality images from drawings of areas like Ponte Vecchio or the Golden Gate Bridge to maps of historical areas. VladStudio also offers other stunning artwork that will make you love staring at your desktop.
  2. Wallpapers Wide
    WallpapersWide is the place to go to find high-quality scenic images. It doesn’t matter if you love wooded areas, mountains, snow, or the plains of Kansas—there is something for you here. The site even has amazing photos of space or up-close pictures of flowers. You can narrow your search by choosing from several categories.
  3. WallHaven
    Some of the best wallpapers on the internet can be found at WallHaven. You can find anything from stunning, high-quality photos to drawings with awe-inspiring color. The website is simple to use. Search for what you want, and you’ll be provided with thousands of images from that category. If you aren’t sure of what you want, choose the “random” option.
  4. ThePaperwall
    This website offers over 30 categories for you to browse, from animals to war. There is something for everyone. Every day there is a “wallpaper of the day,” giving you a look at one of the website’s many amazing backgrounds. If you are unsure of what you want, click shuffle, and you can view the desktop backgrounds at random.
  5. DeviantART
    On this website, you can browse wallpapers provided by a large community of artists and photographers who have dedicated their time to sharing beautiful photos and artwork. This website offers a wide arrange of creative works, allowing you to search for photos  designed by specific artists. Because individual artists are uploading their own unique work, each desktop background has a unique take.
    If you’re looking for amazing screensavers, look no further! This website offers some of the best screensavers on the internet. Some of the featured options include 3D falling leaves, living waterfalls, an American flag, and much more. This website also offers wallpapers, but the screensavers are really what make this site stand out.
    This website is well known for allowing you to download everything from desktop wallpaper and drivers to games and audio software. It’s also one of the greatest websites for downloading screensavers. While you cannot see the screensavers themselves before downloading, you can read a small description of what they offer. Some of the most famous screensavers can be found on this website and downloaded for free.
  8. Really Slick
    This website has one of the most visually exciting collections of screensavers on the internet. All backgrounds are free and guaranteed to make you stare in awe. They are original concepts, focusing on the basics: color and movement. These amazing screensavers feature completely unique ideas that will keep you staring.
  9. Softonic
    Another website known for downloads, Softonic is a great place to download screensavers. Just search for "screensavers." There are countless categories to choose from. It would be impossible not to find something you love. It has everything from music to games. View the top downloads if you aren’t sure what you want.
  10. Giphy
    Giphy has some of the coolest and most adorable screensavers available. You can find anything from a cute puppy to a scene from your favorite movie. Did you know it also has striking screensavers with beautiful scenery? There are several screensavers that follow themes, actors, or artists. Best of all: It’s all free.
Last Updated: February 04, 2016